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  1. Codes codes codes, i will leave this one on, but fighting spammers is time-consuming
  2. Hello Pichaku, it dosent look that complicated to me, basically i look like you will have a sound behind the dot that will be played on a mouse click or a hover. this can be accomplished with CSS and Java scripts, is a good place to find a freelancer to help you with this. roy..
  3. Hey Null pointer this is really a difficult one, but very interesting, one day while i was dreaming in my school i was wondering if i would be able to make words from violin if I played many notes at ones, so in my next music class i took this to my music teacher, he told me to dream on and i might find a solution. turns out you can, but not with many violin's no. Sound are made by combining many different frequencies, you can understand the break up of these if you use a program like reaper. than i came across some statical model used data science which can be used to predict with up to 97% accuracy on the next step (problem is you need the frequencies to be converted to numbers) the computational power required to do this math will not be available in a mobile now so this tech will not be portable so that mean it will not have large scale application and companies like yamaha, zoom, roland will not be intreasting in producing it. now your only bet is getting into R&D., roy..
  4. WOW, a it really looks cool, what are you intending to use it for,
  5. Guys, sorry i was gone for a while, i am busy learning linux, nginx, invision power, thats not sound engineering, it what makes this site happen, i am planning an upgrade for this site, so need some tech-juice but with no activity its hard to justify putting money on this, i was discussing this forum with my contacts in propellahead, InMusic and PointBlank those guys just laughed in my face for running this, they politely showed me their forums which has serious activity, i have some big names in the market that are ready to back this but i am not able to show them the potential first off all we need to figure out how many people are really interested in sound engineering so there is one engineer that is promising free access to his online course worth hundreds of dollars but it will not be for all the members 2 seats only if there is are interested member post a character or 2 or a smile face, whatever that shows you are reading soundpunk if we get a few that sparks the interest we will throw a few giveaways common punk lords show yourself
  6. Well Thanks Jester, Hang Around and thanks for your support, lets revive this place again,
  7. Hello Jester, Thanks for participating, well i agree to the entertainment, life's going to be boring without it, i have wrote to some sound nerds, but most of them are not ready to write, but can give video time they said, so i would start with interviewing some top talent in the industry that would spark discussions, i don't intend to make money off this so the contribution need to be true towards the need of sound engineers, i can make this serious and all content would be focused on studios, Mac and pro tools that what all the serious guys that i know use so make it more home studio based so punks can discuss life, beer and various DAW's what do you think, also about the User Interface, i will upgrade the site in a months time, but need some feedback on what the new User Interface should be like,
  8. Ladies, Gentlemen and Punklords!!! I’m Royven Linus, my friends call me Roy, my interests are vast, i’m a musician and have played in many bands, I play a lot of different instruments, like Bass, Guitar, Violin, Harp, Flute, Keyboards and I picked up recording about 2 years ago, My recording Gig is small; I use a windows based machine that I self-assembled, with i7 Processor, 32 GB RAM on a ASUS motherboard, with 3 LG IPS monitors connected to the NVidia Card, MIDI connected to my Yamaha Keyboard, with Reason being my primary playground, I also use Cubase, Sonar and Logic but my Mac aint that powerful for Logic. I want to Make this Community a serious Sound Engineering virtual meeting place, so I can call it the geek world for sound engineers, The Current forum didn’t have any new content for a while but still a lot of you are visiting, that shows how powerful the content really is and its quality, So before I start make the changes I would like to get your feedback on what you think this virtual place should be like? Would you want the site to be chit chat? Serious Education? Serious Connections? A place to promote serious talent, Let me know your thoughts
  9. There is a lot of History here and Cheyne did a hell of a Job,