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  1. Thank you to all who has replied. I'd like to keep this discussion moving. It is important to have the flattest response possible in organ recreation. Would it be possible to tune a closed sealed enclosure to the low notes?
  2. In actual pipe organs the 32' notes are very low frequency notes. The lowest note is 16Hz. Our ears \ hearing range start to lose the musical note. You feel that note more as a sensation than a note heard. The pipe gets a huge mass of air moving back and forth which causes that sensation. In a digital organ a very high quality, HiFi recording is made of the organ pipe. How could this sensation be recreated? A rule of thumb in audio engineering is that you need a speaker diameter that is a quarter of the wavelength you are trying to recreate. at 16 HZ that is a 5.4 meter speaker. How would this be accomplished in the speaker world? Lets bring some discussion to this.