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  1. Hi, I'm an absolute noob to forums. This would be my first. But this is a community I'm interested in getting into and get to know how everyone else in the industry gets along with it. So to the topic: I'm doing some research on immersive sound and unconventional ways of mixing in surround sound formats, (generally 5.1 as that's what I've got available). The biggest example of a contemporary film that uses unconventional mixing techniques is "Gravity". Even though most people may argue it to be a boring movie, knowing what goes behind the production and post-production, I can appreciate it a lot more. The most obvious mixing technique used in the scene where Sandra Bullock's character (mostly shot in POV) spins around after a satellite had struck their space station. This where the dialogue, conventionally place only in the Center speaker is panned around the surround field to intensify the effect of her spinning. This would of course exaggerate the fact that she is spinning, but mostly make the audience more immersed in the characters position. So overall I'm trying to find out what other sort of unconventional mixing techniques are used nowadays? How important immersion is in a soundtrack? Would be great to find out what everyone thinks of the situation, most of all with Dolby Atmos starting to replace most 7.1 surround sound theatres. Any comments, further research, follow up questions or suggestions would be kindly appreciated.
  2. I started off with the CDJ-400s and the DJM-400. I had just enough money to buy the one CDJ so couldn't do much mixing until I got the DJM and the other CDJ. Still a fun tool to play with. Been about 4 years now though and would like to upgrade. Thinking of getting the NI Kontrol S8 when that comes out. Looking like it's back to the decks rather than looking at the laptop constantly.