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  1. ok so running a cable from the profire to the mac didn't work
  2. cheers bud, i'll give number 1 a go, try find a piece of cable to connect to the mac and profire. thanks
  3. apologies, some of that went over my head. I'll try my best to tell you my setup... we use 3 types of Gemini mics for studio recording - Gemini ll, Gemini 5 and Gemini Z5600a - all of which have their own preamp power boxes (or whatever they actually are). They have their own unique cable which connects the mic to the preamp, and then a standard XLR cable is used to connect it to the snake patch bay on the wall. We keep this in our "live room" - it has 16 channels and is split between 2 booths (8 in each booth). The snake runs through to the other booths is connected up to a m-audio profire interface, which is connected to a mac pro via firewire. As said before, standard XLR and SM58 works fine, no humming. Using a the gemini, as soon as the box in connected to the power cable, humming begins. no I dont think I am using phantom power. I also sometimes use the same gemini setup, but instead of connecting XLR into snake patch, it goes straight into the back of keystudio midi keyboard. So doesn't require phantom power, just its own box. How do you eliminate the ground, or lift it as you said. Sorrymate my knowledge is pretty basic.cheers
  4. ok i've taken pics, but can't figure how to upload them. Tried what I ususally do for forums - upload to photobucket then paste in the URL...says I can't do that on here
  5. Hi all, new member here, joined specifically for help with this topic. Quick background info: I am a technician in a college and am having trouble with our studio setup. I do not have a music background, we have only run this music course for 2 years, I am generally good with this sort of stuff and have learned alot since running the course, but I am stuck on this and need help! I am currently experiencing issues with digital noise/static (best I can describe) only when using a preamp mic. Through lots of testing I have managed to figure out that it is the power/wall socket that seems to be providing the feedback. If I use an SM58 (no preamp just an XLR cable) it is fine, no static. But when I use a preamp mic, as soon as I connect the power cable, I get a digital hum/static which is terrible, and this is before the amp is even turned on. Any clues?? My guess was that its something to do with how the sockets are wired up, grounding issue? thats as far as I got lol thanks in advance