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  1. I have a middle name too, my band will be Dark Bloody Zombies, i will say it's a good name. This thing really works.
  2. I think Lorde is using the same tool for recording )
  3. Well, everything is in "red" on that Pioneer sound mixer , that means is... good music , dj music. Sounds nice, maybe nicer if you keep it in "yellow".
  4. Most important answers:
  5. I think Spock needs bigger headphones
  6. Is not the right thing, but you will find this funny This is the real thing (the piano player is the best):
  7. Thanks, i forgot about the report button. Another one today, reported.
  8. Thanks, no problem, if i can help i will help.
  9. Good question Yalex, but i don't think you will find much peoples that can get you an answer. I don;t know the dolby techniques, but how do i see all the sorround "industry" , i see some good delays with some good reverbs. If you have the time to play with the delay , echos (reverb) you can do anything. You need some mathematics knwoledge also. The spin sound in Gravity is .. imposibile, because we all know that in space you dont have air, nothing, so sound can;t travel nowhere. You can;t hear the spin. The replacement from 5.1 to 7.1 means that you have people that are far and close from the screen and in different point they can hear something else. Because is a "general" technique used in cinema theaters they need to be sure everyone use it. So if you want to sold a movie that have 7.1 you need to be sure that sound system is 7.1 . It;s easier to convert 7.1 to 5.1 , but to convert 5.1 in 7.1 it's more harder, i think you can do that in a special movie studio. And all the movie theater they have a basic or special 5.1/7.1 sound system. They need to calculete the distance from the speakers and make that dolby delays. Imagine someone trow a stone at you: center will have the sound initiate that trow , first side speaker will have the sound of the stone in the air from the initiate trwoing stone to the sound of stone in air, the second side speaker will have the sound that stone coming at you and the rear speaker will have the sound that hit you with that stone. In 5.1 you will have that sound in 3 way, in 7.1 will have the some sound in 4 ways. But in the same time you will have PAN (left and right combined with that 4 ways of sound). The same techqnuies applies on 7.1 headphones (delays and reverbs and some EQ).English is not my native language so i dont know exactly what do you want to know about sorround sound.
  10. Welcome back RB!
  11. Yup, he is right, can be dangerous at some points to remove the ground. Try what jester said , if doesn;t work we will think on something else.
  12. Damn.. you are using 110 v , and the preamp doesn;t have DI. It's a hard one.. next time try to separete more the stage box ( multicore) from the power cables. Try to eliminate the ground from your power socket where are you using the preamp, see if you still have that noise, or you need something to lift the ground. You can buy a UPS , but is not cheap, or isolation box, DI, the cheapest ideea is to eliminate the ground. I don;t know if that is a preamp, looks more like a multi-pattern switcher who provides phantom power, are you using 48v (phantom power) for that mic?
  13. Use the EDIT, Full Editor Function and after that Attach files, or More Reply Options, there you will have attach files option.
  14. Right, but be careful with the Direct Monitor switch. It's recommended to use it, only if you want to use 212 like an analog preamp. You can record in the same time on PC, but do not route the inputs from the 212 interface to ouputs when Direct Monitor switch is ON. You will have the analog sound that goes directly in the ouput combined with the analog sound that goes in digital sound (PC) comes back in analog but with some latency . That means the final sound will be in antiphase on some frequencies. Sorry for my bad english.
  15. Yes, you have grounding issue. Check your preamp, maybe you have some switch called "DI" on it ? Upload some pictures with the preamp and the power plug (cable).