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  1. Ah, I see. Thank you very much for all the advice. Since the time of your post, I've been messing around with FL studio some more trying to make beats. I must say that its been a lot harder than I imagined but definitely still fun. I've been mainly facing two problems so far: trying to get the beats in my head into the program & making the beats longer so its actually a song. Much of the stuff that I've made so far are pretty short.
  2. Oh ok cool, good to know that I won't be out of place here but I do have some questions regarding your comment. If that's ok. I just wanted to clarify why you don't believe that musical ability is really necessary. Is it because I'm just doing it as a creative outlet? Or are the types of music I listed just focused on what sounds good or something? If so, what types of music will require musical ability then? Anything non-electronic? Because even though those are the types of music I would like to start out with, they are not the only types that I want to get into. And, since this is all for curiosity's sake, you said that things would be different for live. What kind of advice would you have given me if I was going in that direction? Thank you for all the advice so far though! I hope that I'm not being too much of a burden already. On a side note: These emoticons are so fun to use. This is gettin' addicting. Edit: ONE MORE THING! I mentioned in my first post that I mainly use my M-100's to listen to music, is that going to be a problem? They have a V-shaped sound signature so would I need to invest in something with a flatter response?
  3. Hello, I'm an individual looking to get into creating music such as chillstep, dubstep (mostly melodic dubstep), liquid DnB, future garage, etc. as a creative outlet. I want to be able to create music for myself & eventually be able to share them with friends. Being able to create music that we can dance to or just relax to would be absolutely amazing. I've been watching videos & reading everything I can about music theory, I'm currently learning how to play piano & guitar, I've downloaded the free trial of Reaper, & I was able to get a copy of FL Studio 9 from a friend. I've started reading the manual & watching instructional videos for both programs as well. Also, I mainly listen to music with my V-Moda Crossfade M-100 headphones. So... what else should I be doing? And what's my next step? Any advice would be much appreciated.