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  1. Hi. I just wondering that is ProTools is a good start for a beginner in technology? I look up some website like: http://www.protoolerblog.com/2011/10/20/pro-tools-10-and-its-50-new-features/ http://blog.reddogmusic.co.uk/2013/06/25/pro-tools-for-beginners-tutorials/ as reference of my music but found out a bit challenge for me.. any better ideas?
  2. wow~ this well help me up a lot. Thanks!!great work.
  3. This is interesting to know. Thanks for posting!
  4. Nice video. Thanks for sharing. And I think that 'iband' become a short-term novelty, cause there are still people like actual instruments live perform.
  5. I’m study music and audio technologies, had a assessment about notation. our tutor suggested us used Sibelius, but my friends introduce Finale for me. The notation is to copy a piece include lyrics. But I have not much foundation on music so I’m a bit slow. which one can help me out better? any special features in between both software? Thanks
  6. Thanks mate! Sounds great! I'll look on the website. cheers.
  7. I am currently in a class of music and audio technology..and the tutor start with Music Instrument Digital Interface(MIDI) and I'm new to music, so was wondering is MIDI useful?on creating tracks? and in next class, there is gonna be MIDI Notes, MIDI Control Messages/Device. Any where can I found resources to support me? Thanks
  8. Hi. I am looking for a speaker for my gf who has a MAC as a gift. Any suggestion? And I had look up some, like Bose but that more suitable for iPhone, I felt.
  9. I was wondering is Ableton Live works like Reason or Logic? cause I had tried before these two and was wondering about truing the new remix and work on my works. Thanks.
  10. Hi there! I'm used Garageband before and I change to Logic and ProTools.. Was suggesting that get others apps instead of Garageband due to there is more function you can work on to it, and it worth to bought the original one. Just a suggestion. cheers.
  11. Hi! I am YeongMing. this is my first time using sound punk; and I heard it's interesting here! Hope to learn and share with you guys! cheers mate.