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  1. Yes no problem. I am from bali. My basic is sound engineer. Dont worried all legal. Because i do via ilok transfer fee. So dont be worried. I must pay ilok transfer fee.
  2. thanks for your respond
  3. Dear all I want sell plugins from avid, izotope, and lexicon if someone need let me know. 1. AVID PRO TOOLS 11 HD BUNDLE pro tools 11 hd bundle in ilok dongle. i sell cheap just $700 because this license CANNOT to transfer. i will give you the new ilok dongle with express shipping. for new update sotware i already upload to my dropbox. its thats why i sell cheap. i think is worted. 2. lexicon pcm total bundle $450 3. lexicon pcm native reverb $325 4. lexicon pcm native effect $225 5. lexicon lxp native reverb bundle $100 5. sonic no noise $200 6. satellite link $150 7. Pro Tools Instrument Expansion Pack $150 8. izotope rx 3 adv + insight $500 9. izotope ozone 5 adv $400 for number 2-9 all price already include transfer fee. if you have some question can ask me first.
  4. find in google.
  5. thanks
  6. nice. thanks
  7. thanks for the plugins
  8. can you more specific the app you want?
  9. maybe you can learn on avid forum
  10. thanks
  11. change the blade of graphics card or service the graphics card
  12. i think is better use kaspersky. i dont like norton. take much memory.
  13. hi i am new member and want join. my name is sendi. i hope i get knowledge in here. thanks