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  1. Well basically I want the speakers simply for the cool water effects. Heres a video: The sound I want from my normal speakers. So If I can hook it up with the other ones, i'm hoping it will drown out the shitty quality lol. I'll take a closer look at the EQ settings etc, any other advice would be great!
  2. Hey guys, I needed to find a forum that can help me with a quick issue, I hope someone can be of assistance. Basically, I bought a speaker set for my iphone (Water Dancing Speakers if anyones familiar). Anyhow, theres two speakers. On one, theres an Auxiliary (IN) Slot, and a usb one for power, and a second USB one to connect the second speaker. Basically the water effects were really cool with the music, but the sound itself was pretty bad. My question is... how can I connect this to my surround sound reciever? My reciever has an Audio (IN) / (OUT) But its only for standard RCA Cables. I tried connected the Audio (IN) on the reciever with my iphone, then with the Audio (OUT) connected to my water speakers, but no luck. Do I need to buy some sort of converter? Or what else can I do? Or am I basically SOL?.. Thanks Guys! Nick