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  1. Hi my name is Niall (aka. Attyk) Im 26, from Ireland. I started out as a Bass player when i was 15, then studied Sound Engineering at 18, since then i have been producing my own music for about 5 years or so. I have also spent a couple of years helping a friend to set up a Commercial Recording Studio in Dublin. Im only getting into DJing now using ableton live, but with my own Drum Machines an synths playing along side. You can check out my productions here: (They arent perfect by any stretch, but i operate on a "I write music for myself, and if anyone else likes it, its a bonus" kind of level) As any producer will tell you the more times you listen to your own track whilst producing it the more you lose perspective. So do feel free to comment/criticise as much as you like. <I can handle it > Fresh perspective is always productive...
  2. This track isnt perfect of corse, its also not Mastered. all i did was add some Limiting to the track before uploading. I'm already fully aware of the 'Downfalls' of the Composition & Mixing (Being that im my own biggest critic) but i'm really interested to hear what you guys spot on first listen to it. Im not trying to please anybody in particular with this track, i write for myself and if someone enjoys it along the way, all the better. I have 'let this track go' as i have with many other tracks in the past, so im not gonna go back and do any revisions on the mix ect. i move forward and constantly write new stuff all the time. But i would like to know what anyones "Fresh Perspective" is on it. (because ive heard it between 500-1000 times and have no perspective left....) Thanks guys.
  3. Very good advice here man. I've been producing music for a couple of years now, I write for myself, and i dont charge for my music, The way i see it is, if someone out there discovers my music and likes it, thats more than i could have asked for. Your section "Feedback: Strangers before Friends" i found to be very true, i have been thinking about this a lot lately, and recently stopped showing my friends tracks 'at all' until im finished with them, in some cases my friends only find out i have a new track when they see me post a Soundcloud link. Im a firm believer in "Your always your own biggest critic" Like you said you'll focus on something small within the mix that has been annoying you, and begin to lose sight of your track. What i have found to work really well for me is Demistifying the works of artists you look up to, In a lot of cases you will be glorifying their Work/Process and with a small amount of research you'll find that they have shortfalls on certain "Must Do's" and make as many mistakes as you do within their productions. I recently watched a lot of videos in the Future Music series of "In the Studio With ---" to better understand how exactly these artists are 'a cut above the rest'. I have found that they are no different to me or you. for example. Four Tet He produces music the way i started out all those years ago when i had nothing but a copy of Pro Tools LE and a 2 channel interface, He will piece together his music with a mouse, and a rediculous amount of editing. He doesnt really use Synths, he samples and Copies and pastes like a crazy mofo. Some of his sounds when soloed out in his DAW sound really harsh, something that i know i would have 'scrapped' in the fear that i would be the center of ridicule, but it really works when sat into his mix. and i was most shocked to find that he doesnt master his tracks, because he thinks it makes most things "Too Bright" I dont have 'less respect' for Four Tet's Productions now after learning how his process isnt perfect, but in turn i have more confidence in certain aspects of my own productions. If it sounds good then who cares how you did it! The point im trying to make here is that people will always put the artists that inspire them on a 'Pedistal' and then Over-Criticise their own work. Essentially the people that make it in the industry are the people that network themselves well and have the confidence to back up their work, because at the end of the day "your doing nothing less than the artists you look up to" in a lot of cases. I agree that if you start producing music to become famous then you've got it all wrong, Write the music you enjoy/Want to hear and if it goes somewhere so be it.