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  1. Where theres a will there's a way!
  2. https://github.com/Punkroku/MPMMM/tree/prototype This prototype flips the keys on d5 note 62. It is hard coded.. but I compiled with $gcc -o keyflipd5 KeyFlip.c -lasound then run the program: ./keyflipd5 then open a new terminal $aconnect -lio use acconnect to connect keyboard to keyflipper and keyflipper to timidity or (sound generator ie hexter) on my computer the ports are for timidity $aconnect 129 128 $aconnect 20 129
  3. Well, I am an ubernewb on the subject but I had some promising contact with the ALSA -dev team through their mailing list. RtMidi library uses the ALSA library for linux. I am hoping that I'll be able to get this open source project finished soon only for linux though. Their is a similar software that might do what I want but its for MAC only. Its called MidiPipe... if you have a mac check it out for me. I'd like to know if I can modify MIDI messages so I can set certain ranges to different instrument patches and flip the keyboard on D5 note 62 https://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/10541/midipipe
  4. Awesome, I will check it out!! Thank you! --maybe the site is down I will check back later.
  5. Here I use the word programming like C++ and Basic rather than drum machine.. I want some help or maybe someone can point me in the right direction to create a midi driver or later s VST plugin Note: I found the RTMidi Library which will help www.music.mcgill.ca/~gary/rtmidi/index.html
  6. I am looking for some tips programming sound apps for linux. What I want to make is either a driver or a virtual midi packet hacker MIDI poisoning MIDI Message Editor.
  7. Cool edit pro??/Adobe Audition?
  8. I haven't used ableton cubase or protools. I started using cool edit pro... that became adobe audition. That is really all I needed I really like the spectograph view. I saw garageband and it looks colorful. But I prefer FruityLoops now FLStudio. Now that I stepped away from the 'educational use' of those softwares I am running linux multi media studio and Pretty much testing out all the audio software on linux. Linux is sort of a pain to set up you have to connect things with qjack so midi/sounds go to the right programs. Its like driving a stick shift car. If you have manual you get a lot more control over things. I like that. Plus there's alot of open source but Im not at that level of programming yet. Right now I have ubuntustudio and you can test out all the software like muse milkytracker audacious ardour etc. Has anyone found a good spectograph software for linux??