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  1. I'm glad to have joined these forums, El Capitano . I really appreciate the warm welcoming too, thanks ! ^.^
  2. Thanks Jester_Fu , I really appreciate those words of advice. Sounds like a good way for me to start out so Imma' get on that ! Looks like I'll be having a lot of research && questions to be doing on here && all around. Will download that Reaper program though, & play around with it to get me set on track. Again, your help is appreciated ^.^
  3. Hello, I'm completely new this Forum considering I joined today. Writing my own music, lyrics, and melodies on vocals && guitar, I'm trying to figure out a good way to start with basic Musical Production. Basically recording. Right now it's simple, writing lyrics on paper, && humming to my head, kind of experience that I have :b Before I go off in a mindless rush buying software and tools, I would appreciate if anybody could point me in the right direction. Simply knowledge & advice. Books, links, anything that can help start me off .. Again, I am a total "n00bie" but Musical Production/Engineering is something I am choosing to take seriously so feel free to help out if you can ^.^ Thank You.
  4. Hello Everybody . I'm Orlando Plaza but call me by my nickname, Lalo if you'd like. I'm 16 years old, Born in Victorville, California && have this wonderful passion for music and songwriting. I've been singing since I was 8 and playing electric/acoustic guitar since I was 10. I attended a Rock School in Hollywood when I was around 12 && actually got to record music with other kids in my band. I was always more of a Guitar player until I found out how well my singing potential was when I was around 13. Going through so many changes, it was hard to keep up with my music in my life && especially myself. Puberty hit me hard almost making me want to give up singing but I kept on playing guitar only until I was around 16. Now I'm getting back all into it, writing so much lyrics, playing guitar && singing at the same time .. Ect. I figured if I wanted to start out in Music Production/Engineering, I should at least start somewhere like looking online getting all the knowledge and research that I can (: This is something I'd like to take very seriously because my Dream Is To Become A Phenomenal Songwriter, Singer, && Entertainer. Right now, I continue to practice hours every day singing, experimenting with my musical abilities, and writing endless amounts of poetry. I'm very excited to have joined these Forums && I hope to meet a lot of people who can help start me out on my Road to Success ^.^ ~ Thank You ~