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  1. Hello! First post! (I hope it's in the right thread :\) Me and my friend are starting commentaries but we ran into a problem. I'll start off by giving you some info: we have an external mixer: Alesis MultiMix 4 we have two of the same condenser microphone: MXL 990 (for both me and my friend) we have a pop filter, stand, etc. The problem is that we want to hear both our selves and each of our own game play from our own computers. We both are plugged into the same mixer (the MultiMix 4). The mixer is plugged into my computer via USB. Then we have the master output from the mixer (1/4th in. to 3.5mm adapter, then a 3.5mm spliter to both of our headphones). As you all know that will only give us the power to listen to what is going through the mixer i.e. both the microphones. I COULD have the mixer's master output as my default output from my computer but my friend would hear everything that I am doing... I was thinking about it... I can have the output from the mixer split into two (just like before), then have it plugged into another spliter that will be hooked up to my computer's line out and headphones. I could do this with my friend's side as well. Giving us the power to listen to gameplay and ourselves. I made a diagram: My real question is, will I be able to take both sounds from the computer and mixer from spliters 2 & 3, and be able to hear both gameplay and voices? Is there another, easier, way to do this? lol Thanks for your time!