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  1. MPC5000 and some pimping merch + new pad sensor grid. Sneak Edit: Here's an unrelated audio clip featuring my Monotribe and Boss DD-7 pedal, fiddled with live.
  2. Go for some "cleaner" ones with as little emphasis on specific frequency ranges as possible.
  3. On the software side I'd say Reason because of the very educational virtual rack layout, on the hardware side... why not the Korg MS-20 Mini? Affordable and easy to understand.
  4. No audio recorded with it as of now, too much background noise from traffic and my PC.. looking for a new apartment now so I can build a little recording booth. Of course it's not impossible to record here, maybe I should set up my Shure SM57 and try it out.
  5. Nice one bruv. Really want to get NitroTracker up and running on my DS, would be soooo sweet to be able to sit on the bus and track down melodies and rythms.
  6. Hey there guys, randomly found this place while searching for tips on how to use the R4 DS-card adapter and homebrews for Nintendo DS, any tips are welcome! So, what's there to say about me? I'm an audio geek situated in Oslo, Norway, I work closely with the underground music scene here as a photographer and (sometimes) DJ. I love hardware and old music trackers, been playing the guitar since a young age and I really enjoy creating dronescapes in Reason 7.
  7. Hey there people, just found this forum, seems nice. Here's a little list of things I play with in my bedroom studio. Korg Kaossilator Korg Monotron Duo Korg Monotron Delay Korg Monotribe Korg Electribe EMX-1SD Korg microKorg Korg nanoKONTROL2 Yamaha Motif 6 Teenage Engineering OP-1 Allen & Heath XONE:22 (2-channel DJ-mixer) Boss DD-7 Digital Delay Reason 7 (software, original license) PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL (soundcard) Rega RP1 (vinyl player) Landola C-20 (acoustic guitar w/ nylon strings) Eagle (pretty sweet electric guitar made in Korea, don't know the model) Hiwatt G50 R (guitar amplifier) Melodica (old plastic one, perfect for Reggae Dub)