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  1. American Office is a good show i recon
  2. In my experiance i found Nortan didnt work propery i always got visus when i had it , also to uninstall Norton fully you have to download a spechal program that will uninstall Norton and all of its services . I recomend to you kaspersky i think its great.
  3. Write a song , put if up on YouTube then have a link to your facebook page . That should help you establish a fan base
  4. Hey eveyone , I would like to hear from professional and amature Dj's. First of all how did you start your DJ carier ? Where you do you usally get work? (clubs , house partys or pubs)? Do you make a good enough living ?
  5. Another Great track is DAMM IT by BLINK 182
  6. THE VINES !!!!! There a great Aussie band i think everyone should give em a listen
  7. Hey Eveyone , Im thinking of getting a new pair of headphones for just listening to music. And i want to hear your opion on which ones you guys have used and that have worked well. btw im not considering Beats
  8. a good video card is the Nvidia GTX660IT
  9. Is there an app for android ?