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  1. Well the ultimate goal is to record my wife nagging me and make a phase inverted file....JK there... Yeah I wouldnt expect perfect cancelation but was curious if if would reduce the noise even a fraction. I think the point of real noise caceling headphones having the mic inside the cups is really important. The cups probably distort the sound enough where standing next to the source to record would pick up a different profile that would just add more noise when inverted. I would have to seal the mic inside the cups when recording to get a more acurate profile but that wouldnt be too hard right? I was thinking an iPhone app would be doable since you have an input and an output and could do real time cancelation. I found one in the app store and reviews say it is garbage! I wonder if the headphone cup distortion is a major factor that they missed.
  2. So I am curious if this would work.... If I say...record my lawn mower and then use a DAW to pop out a phase inverted version of the recording to play in my headphones while mowing...would that cancel some of the mower noise?
  3. Many thanks chief. That info is quite helpful.
  4. I first have to say.....I was getting fed up with FL Studio and wanted to test the feel of a different DAW. After ~5 days with the Ableton demo, I am in love. At first I was completely paralyzed with the layout but now that I am getting a feel for how to navigate it feels so right. It is 10X less clunky, 10X easier to keep organized, and I am really digging the live session feature. Before I get too deep into the live session though....the way that I understand it is that I need to use the arrangement view to eventually make an exportable version of the song. Is it a common workflow to setup a full track in live session and convert it over to the arrangement or does that make a big headache in the end given I really don't have intentions on playing it live as a DJ? Is there a way (or a good tutorial) to record a live session into an arrangement? That would be nifty if I could play it live but sort of build the arrangement as I do it.
  5. This sounds awesome. In my real life job, we have a saying...."Sh!t in equals sh!t out" and I think this can translate well to mixing. I am in over my head right now and I need some practice on some tracks that arent sh!t! Are there any final pro mixes available to be able to compare the end result?
  6. I know this is an older post but maybe I can help anyone in the future. Hands down, the best earllugs I have owned are from Westone. You go into an audiologist and they will take an ear mold of your inner ear and Westone creates a silocone earplug that fits perfectly into your skull holes. There is a hole through the middle of the plug that fits different db filters. The filters are super high quality so that it doesnt impact any tonal range so it is litterally like turning the volume down at a concert. I actually NEVER go to a live show without them and I actually prefer to wear them because it takes out the white noise from the very loud shows. The other bonus is that because they are made from your ear mold, you can wear them for hours wihout getting that earplug pain because they fit perfectly in your ear without putting pressure on your ear canals. These are expensive ( maybe $80-100) but they are worth it if you need them often.
  7. Hello soundpunk community! My name is Cliff and I started working in FL Studio on an electronic music project about a month ago. I have been in punk rock / alternative bands and have recorded in a studio before so I am no noob to music but this is my first go at producing so I am looking for a lot of advice to hone in my skills. I have been learning my programs and plugins through manuals and vid tutorials but I need some human interaction and it looks like there are a lot of people in this community who know their stuff so I am excited to join up!