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  1. Hello, I am currently a live sound engineer and sound designer in the US. I have my formal training in studio work though. I would really love to get back to doing mostly studio work, but I'm fairly happy to be working with sound in any capacity. I was very pleased and happy to find this forum and look forward to utilizing all of it's resources.
  2. As a musician, my personal opinion is that I have become much more sensitive to other sounds. I feel I can attribute this to performing with orchestras and in jazz ensembles. I've found myself being much more sensitive background noise than most people I know who do not have a musical background or have had ear training. Background noises such as fans, air conditioners, and even electrical humming can become extremely distracting to me.
  3. Such a good book, and the video's are a lot of fun to watch! It was a required text for my third level audio course for my undergrad.
  4. Thanks! This will give me some reading material for my breaks at work.