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  1. I think that this place miss some social-network-oriented stuff. the last post on facebook is from 2014!!! ...but I know that posting on facebook can be ugly tho...
  2. Happy Birthday Bob_404!

  3. I don't know much about Mr. Abbott, but the music is cool! You played it or is it made with samples?
  4. Hi guys! How are you? I hope "great" is the worst answer!!! I've tried to change my production workflow, coming back to my original approach enriched by several years (I'm getting miserably old...) of experience as a sound engineer on different venues and contexts. There is the video ...well, do you think the result is good? If you have some spare minutes, I'll be glad if you like to share your critics here (good or bad). Thank you for your vote!
  5. wow! thanks A LOT El Capitano, for the support and the reviews!!! honestly I was starting to think that no-one would review my tracks because they were too bad to get a simple positive or negative vote, so I was planning to improve the voting options adding "my ears are about to puke" and "it's worst than a red hot needle in a tympanum" Thanks again for your support, your reviews and even for your time!
  6. to everyone who read: please don't forget to let me know if my links don't work! And, ofcourse, if you like or dislike my tracks! It's really important for me to get a feedback (even if it's bad) so don't be shy ...take your time!
  7. Goodmorning SoundPunkers! Have you already heard my tracks? What do you think about???
  8. aww...I didn't noticed this section when I've posted this thread! Thank you very much!
  9. Hi guys and girls! I was reading this editorial, at a certain point it says: so...I've registered my user on this forum, and here you can find my tracks ready to be rated: forgive me for the volume...I don't know what is happened during the upload, but in my system they're more louder than this! thank you in advance for any comment and suggestion aloha!