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  1. It's just midi loops. Well, some instruments are loaded with effect chains (both midi and audio) and one of them is a vst (but removing it does not change much). Actually I tried running the same project again and this time it worked fine (CPU load indicator always below 80%, no problems with outgoing audio). Can't explain why since I had the same exact routine tasks open in the background and both times the laptop was plugged in. Anyway: 80% of CPU load is still concerning and I'd like to know whether an external sound card would help reducing CPU stress. As I wrote in the previous post I'd buy one anyways since I need inputs and outputs. Is there a particular kind of sound card that would help solving the CPU load problem?
  2. Hello. Hope to find an answer to this little problem of mine. I sometimes run Ableton Live 8.2 on a Samsung laptop (windows 8 64bit). When playing above around 8 tracks with effects ecc (without "freezing" them) the CPU load indicator tends to go over 100% and everything is messed up. The bottleneck of this computer is clearly the CPU: it's and AMD A6 4455 "trinity"(dual core). It's clearly not a great processor but it's still brand new and I thought it could handle some more stress by Ableton. Now, my question is: Would an external sound card help taking off some CPU stress when processing audio? In that case, what kind of external sound card should I buy? (I'd like to buy one anyways) Thank you in advance.