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  1. Yeah I'd like to eventually get a nexo STM system but off the bat it sounds a bit too expensive. And for starting out I want something smaller and lighter weight. The jbl vertec compact boxes and the vue system are each under 100lbs per box while the nexo STM is around 160 per box. But I am very impressed with the nexo systems. I'd also eventually enjoy owning a Meyer, and a d&b system. All in time. I think vue is gonna give me the best bang for my buck as far as all around flexibility and price.
  2. A couple buddies and I are looking at starting a production company after college. We've all been in the industry professionally for a couple years now. My dilema is one where there's not really a wrong answer, just looking for opinions from other people in the industry. I'm brainstorming on what audio equipment we want to invest in right of the bat. Keep in mind that it has to be something that will be flexible and be useful school theatres all the way up to large outdoor festivals and everything in between. So for smaller gigs like in schools where not much is required i've got: (4) QSC KW 153 (4) QSC KW181 Subs (1) DBX Driverack PX (4) QSC K12 (Monitors) (1) Behringer X32 Producer All of these speakers are powered which makes it a realy simple solution for smaller spaces where you want alot of headroom and plenty of vocal clarity. On the array side of things i'm torn. I recently demo'ed the new VUE al-8, and VUE al-4 systems and was highly impressed. They have the new burillium (I can't spell) drivers and with no system or speaker EQ vocals are clear and un-compressed all the way up above the 20K range. But they don't put out as much raw DB as other systems in their class. They're also not powered, and VUE's software isn't very comprehensive as of yet. And lastly, they have no arrayble Subs. Some venues don't have room or other reasons to not ground stack subs and i'd like the option to fly them. I then turned to JBL's Vertec Series. I can put together a comprable system from JBL for only a couple thousand more. The Vertec is built with a culmination of all of JBL's previous products, and they pack more raw power per cab. I was looking at the compact series since they are only 90lbs/Cab and I want to be able to hang them just about anywhere we may go. JBL has much better control software. The cabs I was looking at are powered so they all network and I can have complete control of the system from my laptop. So here what I was thinking on both systems. VUE: (32) VUE-al4 (Passive Mains) (24) VUE hs-28 (Powered Subs) JBL: (24) VT4887ADP-DA (Powered Mains, AES Input and networking) (6) JBL VT 4881ADP-DA (Powered, Single 18", Cardioid Arrayable Subs, AES Inputs, Networking) (16) JBL VT4880ADP-DA (Powered, Dual 18", Ground/Flyable Subs, AES Inputs, Networking) The JBL System deploys less speakers, but they pack quite a bit more punch then the VUE System, theyre networkable, digital inputs, and flyable Subs Has anyone used the JBL Vertec System and can vouch for or trash it? I just want as much info as possible. I'll probably try and get a demo but in the meantime what do ya'll think? Thanks!
  3. @rhythmboy Where do you teach?