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  1. Hi, I am quite new to the whole home studio concepts and skills. I have started roughly an year ago. I am a competent self-taught guitarist and have a solid musical root from professional piano/theory lessons before I stopped. I've recently started to produce some of my own music ranging from electronic music to my preferred style of jazz/fusion. http://soundcloud.com/djdyzlexic a few examples of my skills and limitations Anyways, I have recently stumbled upon a very interesting form of music - ambient. The drum patterns and sound design very much fascinates me and I would like to learn how this is produced. http://soundcloud.com/owsey/sweetheart-of-kairi-coma-last <- an example of what I desire produced by Owsey. Would someone please care to guide me through this? In detail if possible and specifically for Ableton, maybe? Thank you!