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  1. great suggestions so far! i'd like to suggest my selection of the best free vst plugins:
  2. in terms of workflow, studio one is almost unbeatable. everything is so easy to do and basically at the tip of your fingers. on the other hands, it doesn't offer some of the features needed by advanced users, but that's changing with every new version.
  3. for audio editing - wavosaur for audio playback - foobar2000 for video editing - lightworks for video playback - vlc
  4. i'd say it'd be safe to start with a fairly powerfull laptop, an audio interface (m-audio is a solid choice for cheap, but there are plenty of other options) and a MIDI controller of some sort if you're working with virtual instruments. that should be enough to run any kind of software... and that's where the fun begins.
  5. keep practicing every day, in the begining try recreating stuff you've heard in your favorite tracks. experiment with reverbs, reverb send automation, weird delays... use a bitchrusher to dirty up the sound of your drums.