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  1. Alright take your time I'll keep messing with what you've taught til then!
  2. Okay so first I'm using the sequencer timeline stuff and I've been doing band music for a while so i have a good sense of rhythm so now I'm just trying to learn deep down into it like what your trying to tell me. So you said something about the offbeat. I hear that term alot but I'm not actually %100 sure what it is. I usually put my bass on the offbeat but I'm not actually sure what it means or where it is if that makes sense. In the song it sounds as if there are 2 drum tracks one thats compressed and one thats brighter. I'm not sure if my ear just isn't trained to hear if but is that right? or is it just one track with the patterns you are talking about? (I'm a singer/guitar player so I'm still training my ear for the drum stuff) My music theory is not fantastic but I'm not uneducated. Most of this makes sense its just I'm not sure how to apply it and how to do these patterns in a way that they fit together nicely. So far though I'm learning alot even just from that So are the AND's right in between 1 and 2? Where exactly are all these placed is what I'm confused on as of right now. Your being a fantastic help!
  3. Also if you know how to get drums to sound like they do in the beginning of this song that would help to. They have that sort of glitchy sound and I'd love to be able to make that
  4. I Need help with mostly all of it. If you could teach me the patterns and everything that would be great because right now I'm just kinda winging it and its kinda working but I'd much rather have someone who's good at it tell me. I don't need to have the exact sound of it but something close to it and the structure of the pattern would help immensely. I just started doing this stuff a month ago and the thing I'm really lacking in is drum knowledge and effects knowledge. Oh and idk if it matters but I'm using FL studio's 10.
  5. I'm new to this kind of stuff but I would really like to learn how to make Ambient drums Stuff like this I'm not sure if that's just a bunch of percussive effects or if i have to add layers over the drums? Any help would be great! I'd even take a sample pack if there is one floating around.