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    Alto saxophone guitar experimental jamming.
  1. A review of Synaecide – Manifestation Synaecide on the DOWNLOAD releases the Manifestation of 12 tracks. The tracks reminds me of an 80's Canadian electronic group 'Skinny Puppy' as the first two tracks titles suggest, the Fallen Angels and Creeping Darkness. Yet as I listen to the rest of the tracks, I discover that they are not as dark as the Skinny Puppy's 'Assimilate' Manifestation contains a Pop credential greyish like the black knight riding through the lowland of forest chasing the nymphs. Synaecide nearly strucks the chord in digital format of a binary bits and bytes in the electronic piano intro in the track of 'Binary Gods' . With this twang of Romantic arpeggio of the keys, the Victorian sense and sensibility is accompanied by the contemporary hard beats and the wholes song is a yearning for something that is buried and risen. In a word, the album is not a dark manifestation rather than a manifestation of a vibe of sparkles in the creeping darkness. Comparatively, the Manifestation is heavier than the 'Savage Garden's any albums of flirts and petty-bourgeois sentimentalities yet not as futuristic and dystopia as the 'Bite' of Skinny Puppy, an monumental album released in 1985. Here is the link:
  2. Thanx a lot. Here is another one.
  3. I reckon itis alright, but....
  4. This is a cute virtual ukelele. Please comment.
  5. Having a break from practices is a good idea but you are still alert if you are talented enough that you absorb all sorts of technique and store these sound and skills unconsciously without even knowing. Practice is a must but how to upgrade the understanding of music is another. Some has very advanced techniques but their understanding of music is not enough. Practice only consolidate their insight. We only listen first then play.
  6. Please review two Exits' experimental tracks on Soundcloud What do you think of it?
  7. Thank you! Very interesting!
  8. Hi everyone! I am looking for a keyboard/guitar player who's into experimental music based in Melbourne? Is there anyone out there?
  9. Is there any good site to download a free guitar synth VST plugin for my laptop that is like this link:
  10. How about this link?
  11. Here is a link: Hope it will be helpful.
  12. Recordings are all about frequencies so replacement is the volume of the frequency input and output. I use my laptop as a guitar FX station with the hosts and VST fx. It works perfect.
  13. Practice makes perfect.
  14. Thanks. Very helpful.
  15. Hi everyone. I am studying Creative Arts Industries at VU. I am looking for a guitarist/keyboard player to play experimental noise/free jazz. I am an Alto sax player and a guitarist/keyboard synth addict. Contact me if you are keen.