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  1. analog does sound nicer but digital is not without its perks depending on what application youre using it for. But going to digital simulations of analog things such as say the boss re-20 pedal that replicates the roland re-201 tape echo does a pretty damn good job. The damn thing doesnt need to be maintained as much as the actual thing!
  2. Anything can be an instrument. Anything that can produce a tone is an instrument, it just depends on whether someone uses it correctly - rhythmically etc -
  3. I remember reading somewhere that musicians have better hearing in old age than non-musos - should really find that article - but yes I do think my hearing is alot better than my friends and family. We can be out and i'll hear something that my friends wont pick up on until i give them an idea of what theyre listening out for. Ive found that im more sensitive to certain sounds though, such as ceramic plates and kitchenware hitting each other. Working at a cafe has been such a bad thing for me! Even when im not in the kitchen and dishes clash it kind of raises the hairs and stops me dead in my tracks.
  4. I can highly recommend ableton and logic, great for what youre looking for.
  5. in highschool i thought this was the greatest program ever hahaha (this was all before i found out about pro tools and all that) thinking back now it wasn't too shabby for something thats free. Great for editing though but it does quite poorly with a few bugs here and there. I'd be recording demos and it would just quit on me with some kind of error saying the sessions been corrupted or something or rather. Highly recommended for anyone who would rather spill money on recording gear rather than software.
  6. Hey guys, sometimes when I'm about to track anything through a mic or di, the thing will act as though i've got the gain all the way up on the mbox. restarting the macbook pro solves the issue but i'd rather not have to put up with that when im so keen to record. Has anyone else come to this issue? and how did you get around it other than restarting your computer. Jim
  7. Hey guys, got a macbook pro 15 inch, 1gig graphics card,4 gig of ram with a 2.4 i7 processor. I recently got diablo 3 (who hasn't haha) and found that it would rarely heat up to the point where the fans go beserk and if anyone else heard it they would be worried too. I haven't been able to find much about the issue when looking it up on google so I was wondering if anyone here has had this issue with the macbook pro heating up. Sometimes I swear I could fry an egg on the back of the damn thing. When I bought the thing i knew it was primarily a music machine for me but i couldnt wait to get a pc set up for the game! If anyone can give me a hand with this, it would be absolutely great! Cheers Jim
  8. Guitars: American Tele and a gibson les paul special (double cut) amp: vox ac30 - the most damn beautiful sounding thing ever pedals: korg pitchblack, paul cochrane timmy, keeley ts808, EHX POG2, Boss Re-20, line-6 DL4, EHX small stone, Strymon Blue sky reverb Drums: ludwig epic pro beat kit
  9. Practice makes perfect in this case is quite true. Back in highschool when i had more spare time on my hands, it was just come home, drop my bag, pick up the guitar and drift away for a good 4-5 hours a day which in retrospect was not enough! Even up till now i try to squeeze in at least 2 hours of guitar practice and play. Now its got me thinking that there really is nothing you can do with practising it first.
  10. Hungry Heart by Bruce Springsteen, hell of a singer and sounds a fair bit like Brandon Flowers of The Killers on this track. Early Springsteen is something I can't get enough of!
  11. Hey guys, new to the forum and keen to stick around here! My band and I are doing demos at the moment and I cannot get the right guitar sound. I've only got one mic right now - audio technica 4050 - placement wise, ive got it right up the grill cloth and bang in the middle of the rim and dust cone. When I play back a track, the guitar just sounds real thin and brittle. Any tips or mics that you guys could suggest to record some decent tracks? Considering the sm57 when I've got the cash. Jim