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  1. Larger church's do - I am strictly volunteer as well as the rest of my team. It takes about 3 of us in the sound booth to make a Sunday run smoothly. Thanks for the info on the R-series. I was speaking with our sweet water rep and he told me about it. Hadnt heard of them before last week.
  2. Hello let me begin by introducing myself! I'm josh - I am the head sound tech for Timothy Baptist Church in Muskogee Oklahoma. Ive been doing sound for about 10 years now. Currently run a Midas Verona 480 analog board for the church. I dj on the side and am in the process of getting my own computer business off the ground currently. I am happily married and have a 10 month old son so that's a little about me - here's my question ... We have in the past 6 months taken to iTunes and started podcasting our worship sets and the sermons. Currently we are using my MacBook pro & GarageBand - but we are only using iRig to take a line off one of the groups on the Midas Verona to make our own mix. What I am looking for is some type of USB interface that will give us greater control over our live recording mix. I've been looking at a PreSonus audiobox 1818 as well as a Zoom R24. I know GarageBand only supports 8 channels - but I am in the process of getting pro tools soon. I Have also considered the new line6 Stagescape M20d as well as the PreSonus Studiolive 16 or 24 but both of these will push my budget a bit further than I would like to although it would be a long term investment. So here in lies my issue. What route should we look at or is there something better I've completely missed?