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  1. The Situation: I recently took over running sound at a church in Morgantown, WV. We use a Yamaha LS9 digital mixing console, with 4 mixes for on stage monitors. there are 9 people in the band/praise team. we use QSC amps. the Acoustic, Electric, and Bass Guitarists play through Peavy amps on stage that are Mic'd for the system. there is a Clarinova on stage that is played consistently. we have 1 trumpet player, and 1 Sax/FLute Player. in addition to a drummer, and 3 or 4 vocalists. That sould be about everything, if i've left out any useful info please ask. I've been running sound for about 7 years, but due to the technology and training available I would say i'm still a novice, I only recently started with this board, room and band. The Problem: there are 3 teams that share the stage, and most of the instruments etc, (praise god for digital boards... almost) 2 teams are exactly the same except for the vocalists. I have the same instrument setting for both teams, and have the settings saved in seperate folders not changing much week to week, save minor adjustments. however I am consistently told after service on sunday that the mix was COMPLETELY DIFFERENT and no-one could hear themselves, come practice this problem tends to be isolated to the Winds, and the piano player. this week I took much time in practice and did the "raise your hand if you need more of..." and then mixed and saved the setting. At the end of the night everyone was happy, then come Sunday I was informed that the monitor mix was "horrible" and asked "what happened to all the work we did on the monitors?" I dont understand how this is happening, I am not changing anything after practice, and to my knowledge no one else in the church knows the board well enough to make these changes. is there a plausible explanation, or is everyone but me crazy? or am I crazy? Ethan