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  1. Hey everyone. Its been some time since i last posted. Looking for some feedback. Enjoy!
  2. Experimental track. Tell me what you think
  3. Thanks!!!
  4. It has a good sound.If you haven't had any success with eq have you tried panning the piano or the other sounds out of the way. The way I like to eq is within context. I only solo instruments to get sound quality the way i like it but then i adjust it again while the whole mix is playing. Maybe you should try that if you haven't already. Also have you swept the eq to find the offending frequency...if so, cut it a little and boost the surrounding frequencies a bit. These are the things I mostly use to get the sound i want. I am assuming you have separate tracks and are still mixing...Hope i could help. Keep up the good work!
  5. This is my take on an R&B pop beat Let me know what you think...
  6. Hey check out my newest track...Created and mixed in FL Studio...Started with some 8 bit sounds and it evolved into this
  7. Just bought an ASUS X53SV laptop. I7 quad core 8gigs of ram and windows 7 64bit. Runs like a champ!!!
  8. hi All, The name is Rob and I'm from the US. Connecticut to be precise. I've been making music for 17 years now. I currently own Red Halo Productions which offers mastering solutions for independent labels and artists.I use Samplitude as my mastering environment. I also work as a mixing engineer for an independent label in NYC. I have some knowledge on various DAWs. I have worked with Pro Tools, FL Studio, Presonus S1, Ableton and some others. Hopefully i can provide some assistance to others who want information. I can't believe i didn't find this community sooner (better late than ever i guess...). I am excited to learn more about the craft of mastering and audio engineering in general. Being on the forum for 30 min or so i have already found great resources and information. Thanks for the great info. Can't wait to brainstorm ideas with all of you and help where ever I can.