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  1. are u serious? just with an iPad? that's weird i suppose but well, if it works, not much to say...
  2. which earplug brand would you recommend fellas? an affordable but not necessarily a cheap one?
  3. I'm also still using CD's. I put at most 5 songs in a CD and keep them very clean. Your tunes and your CD case is the most important tools instead of other hardwares I guess. Good luck!
  4. the forum is getting like a Battlestar Galactice cockpit eventually.. it's really cool to have a planet though : ) beware of the Cylons guys, good luck! : )
  5. interesting, but i'm not sure how that information can be used in the favour of music theory though...
  6. the song "you're my everything" is one of his best.. whenever i hear it especially in the morning i feel a weird motivation which saves me out from laziness, then of course i sleep back : )
  7. Thanks for the info, seems quite useful!...
  8. I've just sent the link to my friends in facebook, who has a good taste of music. Hope that helps...
  9. Merhaba, This is Baran from Turkey Istanbul. I've been playing guitar and harmonica since 10 years. Came to Australia for 6 months as an exchange student. Wanted to gather a music band here but i couldn't find anyone. Is there any website or any platform for to communicate with the amateur music bands? Cheers!..
  10. I have a Line 6 Pod XT Live Effect Kit for guitar players. It's in a very good condition. I'm selling it because I'm thinking about buying a more professional kit. Guitar players; please let me know if you're interested!
  11. best simplest ad ever : )
  12. It didn't work on my phone neither. : (
  13. Is there any way to use Logic properly in Microsoft? If yes, with which package would it be more consistent? Windows XP, Vista or 7?
  14. good mix!
  15. I've been using this site for ear training for a while, which helped me a lot. You can try it sometime: