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  1. Sounds really good!!! The drums and bass sound nice and deep, with the cymbals and the guitars not too overpowering. The vocalist is placed well and comes through very well. Good Job
  2. Love the look of this! I love the usability of the iPad. Does everything from letting me use a word processor, to surfing the net, to running Garageband!
  3. Great post! Wow!! Did not know HP did not make their own laptops! it's funny too cause when you buy a HP laptop, you pay a little more for the 'name' but they don' even make the laptop!! Loved the breakdown list of the manufacturers for each brand of laptop also Thankyou.
  4. Yes I was going to say, iTunes usually backs up iPhone every time you sync, so hopefully you could restore to a previous sync/backup, as you did
  5. Hey guys, I'm new to this forum, and was wondering if someone who is more experienced in computers than I am could help me out! I purchased an EON Desktop PC about 7 months ago. Been working fine and very happy with it....till last week. I would turn it on, and this loud noise would start, like a jet engine and the computer would vibrate, shaking my desk. I disconnected it and took it back to the place I brought it. The service man (who was extremely helpful) took the case off, and noticed the graphics card fan, wasn't turning, as it had a cable stuck in between the blades of the fan. He took the cable out, and the computer was not running noisy anymore. I took the computer home, and fired it up (another problem in itself as Windows 7 was like "You just added new hardware", resolved this however), and it worked fine, noise was gone. Turned it on a few days ago, and again it started, this time even noisier than last. It just did it the once, hasn't done it since. Does any one have any ides what might be still creating this noise? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you very much guys