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  1. Hey guys have listen to this track, I'd like to see what you all think. https://soundcloud.com/miku22/snowflake-inside-outside-remix
  2. I like it up to 2:33. It's got this cool ambient chill out vibe going on, I wish there was more vocals in the music, it feels somewhat sparse without lady gaga's voice playing a dominant role in the piece. The volume of the vocals at 2:33 are good but I think the robotic effect undermines the song a little. Otherwise, this song is excellent and those little glitchy beats on top of those glidey synths are sick. Good work man.
  3. Well you could get keyboard app if you have some sort of phone, and when you have an idea just play the melodies a you have in your head on the keyboard. I'm not sure what kind of app I would suggest, but I guess try finding one that saves what you play.