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  1. ahh this is really cool! I do agree that the vocals should play a more dominant role in at least some parts of it.... and maybe introduced a little earlier. in saying that i do really like the introduction. very nice! I enjoy this more than the original
  2. wow that's incredible! I had no idea it could do all that.... i may re-think my view on them
  3. This has been my song for the last few days! what can i say, i just can't listen to this song without smiling
  4. these are all great ideas! i agree with jotting it down...anything and everything that will help you remember! But also do you listen to music at home and get ideas then as well? Because maybe you shouldn't dwell too much on the ideas you get at work... maybe one day they will pop back up but i'm sure you have many more to come! One important thing i've learnt through arts is that you need many ideas to have a great idea. not all of them stick and lots pass by! i mean how often do you start on a song and never finish it? well, maybe it's just me but i do that a lot theres always more where that came from
  5. Speaking on the whole life vs not live... I think playing live and performing live are different things. If you are seeing someone play live and expect a performance as well, then you obviously don't want to watch someone play around with a lap top and not acknowledge their audience. You don't feel involved or get the same vibe as you would from a live band, for example. However, the issue of them playing live is still different. Unless they are using samples or something pre-recorded then i still believe they are playing live. whether you consider it to be a 'real instrument' depends on the person really!