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  1. We've been busy demoing tracks for our EP that we aim to release in August. This is a first snibbet of what we have so far. This was recorded in my old lounge room which was brick with high ceilings. It also had a spiral staircase that went off to one side where we placed a room mic to capture the natural reverb which sounded great from the drums. All of the drums were close miked using Yamaha drum mics SM57's, Rode NT5s, Shure Beta kick Mic and a Newman for the room. The bass was DI'd and also miked using a Shure Beta 58 and Shure Beta kick mic. Finally the guitar was recorded using the Shure beta 58. We spent a lot of time chosing mics and on their placement to pick up the right frequencies and attack on all the instruments. Last but not least all was recorded using Protools and digidesign plugins. We are still working on the mix so any creative criticism that you may have towards what would improve it or change the sound to make it better would be appreciated before we launch it. Enjoy
  2. Ever got the feeling that there's too many places to keep your band updated on? Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation, blogs etc. I'm looking to create a website or similar for my band that can incorporate updating from one central point. Catch 22 is it has to be reasonably priced, easy to use, well laid out and easy to navigate. I've looked into a few different options from template based sites but I'm not that excited by all that I see. If anyone out there has any experiences about any template based site builders that are good to use or can make any alternate suggestions I'd be well up for hearing from you. There are a lot of different options to chose from with no right or wrong answers but I'd rather find out about certain bugs sooner rather than later. Cheers
  3. Elizabeth, Elvis and Michael. Now that's a trio of excess! I think they're in the desert tripping with naked Indians and Jim Morrison too. Would you come back??!!
  4. I think if you can make noise with it in time and in has rhythm and pitch assosiated with it then definitely. This is a clip that I've just found on you tube of a guy playing a drum machine with his fingers only. If you still think that drummers are essential then think again after you see this guy. He has a lot more compact setup than a full drum kit and can probably play a lot better than a lot of drummers out there that I've come across and is far from being a traditional kit. Hope you dig it!
  5. Hey SoundPunks! My band Apache Medicine Man are getting ready to support Mammoth Mammoth at the Espy in June in the Gershwin room which should be awesome. July also sees us teaming up with award winning QLD band Transvaal Diamond Syndicate for a few dates together in Melbourne and Geelong. Check out our bandzoogle webpage for more details apachemedicineman.bandzoogle.com We're also putting the finishing touches on recording our debut EP which will be out soon, as well as getting ready to do some more fundraiser gigs towards our recording, rehearsal space we'll be building next year. Click the links to check out Mammoth Mammoth or Transvaal Diamond Syndicate and come along to some of our shows or just like us on Facebook for tickets and more details and we'll like you back:) If you're an awesome band looking for another awesome band to gig with and you think you'd suit our style, hit me up or likewise if you're a venue and you're interested, we'd love to hear from you also. Boogie on!!
  6. Apache studios are running a fundraiser with all funds going towards a new studio built later in 2011. This is a a studio that is for the people and by the people offering competitive rates and a percentage of profits going back into the community via selected charities of the bands choice. The 25th of March sees an awesome lineup happening at the John Curtin Bandroom in Lygon St with the Stephen Bowtell Band headlining the night. These guys are a sight to be seen, like a cross between Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix! Followed up by Apache Medicine Man. With an addition of keys to the mix and a few extra special cameo appearances from special artists these guys never disappoint. Make sure you get there early because opening the night is Coal doing an acoustic set then followed up by Jay Howie doing a one man band extraordinaire set. Entry is only $10 and doors are at 8 Check out the bands COAL http://www.myspace.com/coalband Jay Howie http://www.myspace.com/jayhowiesolo Apache Medicine Man http://www.myspace.com/apachemedicineman Stephen Bowtell Band http://www.myspace.com/stephenbowtellband OR spread the FB Event http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=197397506954432 Cheers!!!