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  1. Ooh, very cool! I really like the ambient sound to it. I'm actually doing an assignment at the moment for my Technology of Sound & Music class at uni, and we're remixing a song that was given to us. Hearing this makes me want to remix some more songs! I'm really starting to understand how these kinds of songs are put together. Its really interesting, and I really enjoy it
  2. Wow! Really nice photos! I really wanted to go, but I don't think I was in Australia yet when the tickets were on sale. Maybe next time if I'm here! Also, what bands played when you went??
  3. Whats actually really funny, is that there are some people who actually think he's still alive. This guy is amazing though. He also has a youtube channel called WalkerJean! You guys should check him out This is the link to WalkerJean's channel. I think he's getting kinda big now
  4. I have a couple songs that I have been playing on repeat all day. One is 'Come Back Home' by Two Door Cinema Club. I also really like their music video. They're always very creative and well edited. The second song that I've been playing today is 'Bigger Than Us' by White Lies. They're sound is very dark and cold - very different to the song above, but I really like this band.