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  1. Hi boys, i'm currently working at a hardtechno/schranz track.. I have the bass and everything sorted out, with sidechaining and stuff so that's not the problem.. The problem is i don't know which effects or other samples i could insert in the track.. Yesterday i tought i found it with this sample > Can somebody explain what you hear? And how do i create this sort of sample for hardtechno? I mean the sound you hear at the end. Thanks in advance!
  2. => BUMP <= Anyone here with some other good advices, or insight about hardtechno/hardCORE? Or eventually guys with a flp which I can download.
  3. **BUMP** Is there someone who can give me links to usefull tutorials about making TECHNO, HARDTECHNO & SCHRANZ? Tutorials where he/she learned a lot from.. Thanks in advance!
  4. This is nice, i will do some research about these effects.. Thank you man!
  5. Hi all, i just wanted to ask if someone could give me an insight into effects in hardtechno/schranz music.. Which effects do the producers use and how do they use it? I've spend the last month in making bass and the outcome of it is pretty nice, but just a bass doesn't make a track .. Maybe there is someone who has a finished hardtechno track, could this person pls send me his flp file? Just to take an insight in how he uses the effects.. With hardtechno I mean somethin like , and track.Thanks in advance!