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  1. Not so much an image, but a hilarious video. You may wanna cross your legs guys.
  2. I'm thinking of getting games for my iphone, yet I tend to take my Ipad with me everywhere so it would make more sense for me to get these games for that device.
  3. I just have trouble watching anything with Channing Tatum in, he has all the onscreen charisma of a bucket of goats smegma.
  4. Jamos are still great, even though they are no longer made in Denmark.
  5. Demolition Man, a great 90's action comedy.
  6. Demolition man- Great 90's actioner.
  7. Those classic arcade games are more fun than them rpg's or sims.
  8. Ryan, I think you'll enjoy Amsterdam more than Canada. Especially in Winter.
  9. Rumor has it that the iPhone 5 will have a larger screen.
  10. Now I have this softwar I'm thinking of replacing the optical drive in my MBP with a Blu-ray drive. At least then it will be built in.
  11. Conan (2011) as bad and corny as the original. Good fun though.
  12. Been invited by a friend to Amsterdam this fall. Can't wait. He has a beautiful studio apartment for my GF and I to stay at. Taking the GF to Paris and Rome.
  13. The new extended remix of the Game Of Thrones Theme Tune.
  14. That software looks mightily impressive.
  15. Your first lens should be a Prime lens. imo