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  1. mmm those qsc's are a nice unit
  2. Welcome! Monitors are a fickle thing, especially when the mix is done from the FOH console. In my experience from performer to sound engineer, most of the variation comes from not playing consistently from sound check to show. Most levels will be much lower during the sound check even when you ask the band to play 'like you will be later'. Fixing this comes down making sure the performers know the repercussions of inconsistency. Aside from that, make sure mic position is consistent, especially for the horns/wind. Most musicians don't know about polar response for microphones, so once i get the mic's set up i usually tell the musician to take a mental picture of where/how they are standing in relation to the mic, and tell them if the see this change through the performance, they're doing it wrong. If its a keyboard, make sure the onboard volume is consistent, i like about 80%, so they have a little control, same with guitarists (make sure any overdrive channels are at the correct relative volume). From the mixing desk stand point, especially with the digital console, make sure you know your signal path and gain structure. check to see whether your aux sends are pre or post fader, which could be introducing some variation. If you can be sure that nobody is messing with the console behind your back, and the scenes are getting saved correctly (I've only had limited experience on an LS9, not sure the scope of the scene settings), variations on stage is the most likely culprit. Ensure the bands know that your not a mind reader and can't hear what's going on on stage, so if they want something changed, they have to tell you. Good Luck!
  3. Sweeeeeet! There's still an awful lot of tech and production involved. Anyone have any idea what it is the bass player is using? When i shake my hands like that when i play i just look like an idiot...
  4. Fairly self explanatory, tell me your favourite track or album that you like not because of the music, but because of the production and mix techniques used. As an exercise in communication, first explain it like you were telling it to someone with no technical experience, and then explain using as much technical detail as you want. Lately for me it has been the album In this Life, by a local Brissy band called Kooii. to hear some tracks (mp3's only sorry!). Everything about the album is smooth, there are no sharp edges, and everything blends well. I think the low end is really well controlled (kick and bass freq's, around the 50-250Hz range), there's no competing frequencies between the kick/bass. Compression used here (whether in the mix or the master) is very tasteful and keeps the low's consistent and up upfront on a range of playback systems. All instruments sit within a well defined frequency band, even in the midrange where everything lives, which gives clarity, something i look for in a mix. High mids and Highs are again nicely controlled, no listening fatigue here. Reverb is used fairly liberally, but without muddying up everything with the wash. Oh, and also anything by The Black Keys, it just makes me think of hot tubes and tape .
  5. As i understand it you use an impedance tube to measure the absorption coeffecient of different materials, for use in soundproofing/roomtreatment. Done by measuring pressure on one side of the material with a sound source vs sound pressure on the otherside via transmission through the material. I think...
  6. Seems like we're all pretty much on the same page so far. Thanks for sharing. I'd love to hear the other side of the story if there's any of you around. Don't be shy!
  7. yes! Not a drummer or a fan of DnB but what this guy does never fails to drop the jaw. Thank god for the funky drummer break! What are your thoughts on Vinnie Colaiuta. Saw him when he came out with Herbie Hancock and on some various recordings, and i'm always impressed, seems to me like he's pretty versatile.
  8. So this is something that i've been thinking about a bit lately (with SOPA in the US and whatnot), and I think it would be interesting to hear some different opinions on the topic, especially if theres a contrast between age demographics. I'll start. I used to torrent a fair bit of music, but as of late have been making a conscience effort to purchase all my music, (Through Itunes or a good old fashioned CD) for a few reasons. In my head, it goes something like this, a) i'm a pretty honest guy and b ) it's a bit of respect to my fellow musos, though i'm sure most cd sales proceeds go to the labels, if they didn't want people paying for their stuff they'd be giving it away for free right. i'd want people to buy my bands cd . So for any P2P users out there, let me know your reasons for downloading or if you don't, go nuts as well.
  9. Hi all, Its nice to see the interest and knowledge on the topic. Thought i'd give ya'll an update, I'm a semester into my first year of a Physics major and still planning on going down this career path, probably after some postgrad stuff. First couple of weeks of uni were pretty full on getting the brain working again after a few years of being a muso. Doing basically physics maths and engineering type courses, so i should be in a decent position and i'm really enjoying the uni life in general. Anyway, Happy New Year
  10. It probably comes more down to the way they play it and how it gets mixed in. Ah well the research and experimenting continues.
  11. Good question.... There's a few songs where i think a real smooth sounding horn section (rockin the porno soundtrack vibe) would work well, and others where they might need a bit more punch and 'in your face-edness'. As for an actual example of something to shoot for, i'm keeping my ears out but i haven't really come across that one sound that makes me go 'thats what i want'. Couple of places i read that ribbon mics are pretty common to use on horns. Thanks guys
  12. Anyone out there have any advice on recording a 3 piece horn section (Tenor sax, Alto Sax and Trumpet) for a funk/hip hop band). Started laying some stuff down but decided to leave it because we weren't happy with the sound. I tried a variety of mic positions (i have easy access to 57's, a couple of NT5's and an NT2A) but to my ears the close mics were really 'notchy' and harsh and the condensers weren't defined and crisp (probably due to the room). So thoughts on a)mic choice b)mic placement c)band arrangement (line, semi circle) d)room choice (should it be more dead or live) Cheers, Jon
  13. Haha i know Zeppelins 'Stairway to Heaven' is supposed to have satanic messages when you play it backwards. Its one of those things that when you have the transcription of what its 'meant' to be saying you can hear it but without it, i doubt you would pick it out. Also, Another one bites the dust, by queen is meant to sound like 'it's fun to smoke marijuana' when played backwards. I think theres a couple more like this using beatles songs and others, but they aren't really hidden on purpose, more like coincidence.
  14. Nice. I saw this one a while back
  15. Nice! I'll definitely be checking this stuff out in the near future. Thanks!