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  1. Indeed it was, very impressive.
  2. IPAD 3 has been confirmed March 7th In New York.
  3. Should be an announcement on the IPAD 3 and IPHONE 5 in 5 days or so.
  4. I can not get along with those ear bud earphones. I much prefer listening to music with Sennheiser PX200's. Very easy on the ear and go well with my IPOD.
  5. What are the spec's on those QSC's?
  6. I hope you manage to get yourself set up soon and dont have to deal with those Losers anymore.
  7. Walk down the street wearing them and feel a right cunt.
  8. Hopefully some bright spark will bring out a workaround for the Apple X Blu-ray issue.
  9. One of my friends was given i,DJ for Christmas, he loves it. You put tracks in a folder and the program automatically mixes them for you. He says it sounds very professional.
  10. I actually make a conscious effort NOT to listen to Lady Gaga.
  11. How about song of someone else's day? I work alongside a Filipino and the fucker plays Journey all day long. I fucking hate them with a vengeance.
  12. Exactly what I have been saying also HDMI.
  13. Best of luck with the PHD and your visit to Espana RB. Hope you enjoy Vietnam Spectrum. My girlfriend keeps bending my ear about visiting Vietnam soon. major plans or commitments for this year... so far.
  14. I the backing track very funky, very Hendrix.
  15. They are indeed very talented artists. And nice people as well. I saw Chris on several occasions whilst watching Arsenal playing back in the day.