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  1. Hi all, An upbeat number on a rather downer topic. Music done in Ableton, video with Power Director. This is a parody! This is also the first video I've ever actually edited. Cheers
  2. This song is ALWAYS running around in my head. It will be played at my wedding, funeral & coronation for becoming the King of England (not necessarily in that order): Jim
  3. Hi Jon, I've not much experience with the PowerCore stuff but the UAD cards and plugs are really good. But they're certainly not cheap The list of plugs out there is far too long but for general mixing & bread & butter processors (eg. EQ & compression) check out stuff by iZotope, Sonalksis, FabFilter, URS, PSP Audioware, Sony Oxford. These are some of my fave, higher quality plugs and they are'nt all necessarily expensive. The iZotope especialli has a lot of bang for buck. Ozone for mastering type duties; Alloy for a good all-in-one channel strip option. Cheers, James
  4. My response: 1) I sound more like a school girl when I snigger after saying dongle. I try to use it in conversation as much as possible, especially with those who dont know what one is. 2) I've been thinking about getting insurance. Im currently at 6 dongles and counting, with an "ignition key" from propellerhead on its way. It makes me very nervous. My cubase dongle is hanging together with electrical tape after I accidentally stood on it. 3) As much as they worry me, I quite like the dongle. Beats trying to authorise software when you go to different studios and subsequently finding out that youve run out of authorisations and its Friday afternoon and you KNOW tech support wont be in for the weekend. 4) I have a little velcro pouch i got from a camping store thats great for transporting dongles (snigger). It also has a lanyard so I wear it around my neck. I;m notorious for losing things unless they are attached to my body so it works for me. It also makes for good bling. Im thinking about encrusting it in rhinestones. Jim
  5. Thanks all Some interesting thoughts. Yes, analog summing is always something that has interested (be the product of the computer musician age that I am). There are certainly differences, whether thye are better or worse I suppose is subjective. I also have occasional access to a Dangerous Music D-Bus 8 channel and I'd be curious to see what difference that makes to the sound if I get the chance. For now, lets get a few more opinions and I'll post what is what. James
  6. Hi all, Thought I'd bring up that old debate about analog Vs digital summing. Usually such arguments to or for tend to go nowhere without any audio comparisons to hand so I'm including a link to a snippet of a track. One of the mixes was summed in Ableton Live as most of us do, the other was summed in a Neve 8816 Summing Mixer, utilising all 16 channels. All settings on the Neve were initialised so it is not adding or taking away anything other than the supposed "Neve sound". The width control was kept to a regular stereo image. I have my own opinions about which mix I prefer and why and theres a few things to be said about either summing process. So which mix do you prefer? And why? And which mix do you think is "analog" and which "digital"? Im inerested to get peoples thoughts as to what they think. Btw, dont let your subjective interest or lack thereof of the musical style cloud your judgement! Best that you download each track and do an A/B comparison in your DAW. Ive provided WAVS as Mp3s kind of defeat the purpose. I will make clear which mix is which when a few votes are posted. Here's the link. Thanks, James This post has been promoted to an article
  7. This is devastating, Rob. Anthony was a highly intelligent and talented man, always friendly and considerate to those around him. I enjoyed my time studying with him very much and I always appreciated his unique sense of humour and his great taste in music. He had a knack for thinking outside the square. He did not deserve to be taken so young. I will miss him and his manic alter-ego Sancho. I remember a radio play he did back in our second year of study where he created Sancho & his famous Lovenuts. It was hilarious and perfectly produced. It always brought a smile to my face and i wish i could listen to it again. RIP Anthony, you will be sorely missed James Orr