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  1. "Planet Afrika"-a DJ Album is out on Beatport from today onwards Support so far from: Soulpuncherz(US), Jon Denis(Heaven), Derek"The Bandit" Richardson, Anna Kiss(UK), Simply Jeff(US), Dylan Holthauzen(SA), Filtroniks(UK), Reid Speed(US), Ariel Curtis(Argentina), Lady Bianca(UK), Matt Divine(UK), Fidget Finle(US),Soulpuncherz, Afroboogie(SA), Dom Almond(UK), Anil Chawla(UK), Andre Frauenstein/Dirty Herz(SA), Micheal Todd(US),Harry Lemmon(Holland), Goeff K(Potty Mouth rec/SA), Jason Blakemore(US), LoopZilla(UK), Wobbleskankz(UK), Juno(Pendragon/UK), Mangled Bass(US), Motez(Australia), LS Mitchel(Runt rec), Hostage(UK), Terry Vernixx(LowercaseSounds Radio),Jason Score(Champion Beats), Mark Stent(Flexual Rec), Perfect Cell(Australia), Stereokillaz(Hungary), Aquilaganja(UK), Swichblade(US), Filthy Rehab(UK), Raydar&Shaolin(US), Kid Delicious(US), KitchnSync(UK), MPI Project(SA), Frederik Mooij(Loudroom rec) Love the diversity of the tracks Simply Jeff That Bass is like projectile vomitting on the crowd Mike Muvment Nice New Tracks!! House You has great dub breakdowns and very catchy disko sounds. Kalihari has nice vox and really cool bass wobbles!! Keri Lee(Soulpuncherz) Hi Darren ... Loving your "House You" track ... wicked bassline! ... when is it released ? Jon Denis(Heaven,London & all over) Thanx for the tunes, I Like Earth Derek"The Bandit" Richardson(Isle Of Man/SA) Thanks very much Darren. my fave is Moon, great track! Anna Kiss(UK)
  2. THE A TEAM TV THEME - DARREN AFRIKA'S CHEEKY BOOT MIX- 320 He has a new 13 track release with dirty techno,electro and fidget out on Beatport this week called "Planet Afrika"with remixes by Dylan Holtzhauzen, Mullet Mafia, Mike Muvment & others.
  3. Hello out there I want to introduce our label to you for those that have not heard our sound before. We have put out 7 releases, with our first few on vinyl before going to Digital for the moment. So far we have had artists by the likes of Dylan Rhimes, Meat Katie, The Rogue Element, Blende, Madox, Tom Real, Pablo Decoder & Mike Muvment. Upcoming releases and remixes by the likes of : Mathis & Lubear, LS Mitchel, R!M!E, Dan Oh, Speaker Noize, Motez, Trigga Fingaz, King Jackal, Mullet Mafia, DJ Frenz e, Vibelung, Matt Divine, Perfect Cell, Darren Afrika, Dylan Holtzhauzen, Mike Muvment, Mangled Bass, Jason Blakemore, Jason Score, Filtroniks, DJ Finle and many more.... Producers feel free to hit us up. Check us out for Past, Current & Future Releases on the following: