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  1. Great tutorial!
  2. Couple more! Although there are no keyboard shortcuts for Massive, there are some modifier keys The "hidden modulators" in Massive – the internal envelopes.
  3. Hey There's a new tutorial up for Massive on - this time round for creating 'Dutch" house leads. Whilst the genre might not be your thing , the technique itself is an interesting one for learning some of Massive's routing capabilities. Dutch house leads(guest post by Rob Janssen) '> Also, i'm trying to get the blog set up to display in the blog part of soundpunk - so that should be hooked up later this week also!
  4. Hey, Here is a list of my tutorials for Native Instruments Massive. Thanks to Cheyne for stickying this Dutch house leads(guest post by Rob Janssen) A better default patch (guest post by Rob Janssen) http://www.massivesy...patch-tutorial/ Techniques for analogue emulation with Massive (guest post by Rob Janssen) http://www.massivesy...lation-massive/ Wavetables for nasty basslines http://www.massivesy...sty-bass-lines/ Using Stepper creatively in Massive http://www.massivesy...tively-massive/ Using Envelopes to manipulate sound http://www.massivesy...nipulate-sound/ Using ‘noise’ to create atmosphere http://www.massivesy...ate-atmosphere/ Dub Techno synth stab tutorial http://www.massivesy...-stab-tutorial/
  5. Hey Cheyne - that would be excellent! Is there any way that the posts on my blog could auto post to that account, or would i have to paste it across? Either way - i'm interested! Perhaps we can continue this conversation with PM. Drop me a message! Thanks ")
  6. ** MODS - can you please join up all my posts into one thread as mentioned the other day by some readers? Possibly titled 'Massive tutorials' or similar? Thanks!** Hey, Here is my latest tutorial for Native Instruments Massive. This time around we will be using the Stepper modulator to control Oscillator pitch and effects within Massive. The effect can be applied to just about anything in Massive and can open up doors to some very interesting rhythmic devices and textures... Very handy when programming Massive! By the way - I've added more pictures as this was requested by a lot of readers. Video tutorials coming soon!
  7. Hey thanks!! Glad you like
  8. Hey, This is my first post on this forum, so hi! I write a blog about sound design for Native Instruments Massive. Here is a link to my latest tutorial for Massive: I plan on doing a short series, 1 on each of the modulators (Envelopes, LFO's, Stepper and Performer) and how they can be used with Massive. First up are Envelopes. My previous tutorials are here: Dub Techno synth stab with Native Instruments Massive Using 'noise' to create atmosphere with Native Instruments Massive I hope these are of use to someone!