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  1. hi guys , ive tried playing a track i created thru fantom x in reason it shows a signal going thru, when using a combinator device ive tried config wiring with the [TAB] feature but when i rec it thru reason it shows that its recorded digital information, but im not getting sound play back,what am i doing wrong sound punks.
  2. hi guys , been a while, having a problem when recording, for some reason i have to turn master volume all the way down while creating beats, -2 db to i think -6 db this is on the mixer. And the devices on each channel are up, as per normal lets say half way and are peaking fine yellow ta green, if i go to higher with master volume the play back starts cracking and distorting, so now ive tryd exporting my track as a wave file 44,000 khz, 16bit, dither is ticked, i play my track thru lets say itunes, nothing comes out, thats not untill i turn the volume all the way up on my computer monitor speakers and the sound comes out really low and hazey just wrong. so what ive tried doing is going back to my track ive created in reason, on the mixer ive turned up master volume close to the top i think +100db i didnt dare hit play back cause u know wats gonna happen, (BOOM BOOM POW) , export my track again, play it thru itunes and wow the sound comes thru alot better and clearer.the problem is, is that its not mastered quality. and i cant master it if i cant listen to the play back before i export. its weird, should the master volume be showing the same peaking value as channels. any help would be appreciated sound punks.
  3. totally agree wit yah on dat vox (harmonizeration) or wot eva lol but dat intro was mind bending, was kinda auto tune.
  4. Hard case! ;D Sid u cud try sampling those sounds, effects, samples and play them thru an external device. (DAW hardware ,mixer ).Back to the oldskool, if thats wer yr heading. (RCA) analog style. Hook up game to tv with spliters, run it too mixer, tweek eq's, then sample,chop it up assign to midi keys, pads, i herd u can burn youtube tracks now, so that wud make it even easier. if not, u cud go to Dicksmiths ;D and buy a 5 buck keyboard if thats wot ur after. If not , :eatadick: lol. Im a noob to digi,i got covert probs ov my own, ive been tryn to record 16bit quality, but can only export it as 24bit to have clean recorded play back thru my monitors. downside is, is play backs 8bit wit crack, wen formated to mp3 :bang: . Nice vid bo.
  5. Hey guys, Snrkiwi here, just wondering what avervage home studio artists,such as yourselves are using ?how you compare pirated copies to original programs ?What your using ? is it cheap ? User friendly ? Do you use 2 different programs combined or more ? Do they work well together ? Do you use separate monitors (dvi) for each program, or if its unnecessary ? or Is there one program that does it all, record,edit,master,format and highly recommended. I am currently looking at buying legit software, as probably many others are too. Ive posted many topics, but mainly on problem solving issues of my own :bang: , so hopefully others can benefit from this post, and i dont have to feel like a taker of peoples time :eatadick: (Thnx guyu, kno who u r. )
  6. Anyone have probs converting ableton live set from a wave to mp3 format?
  7. YEAH, u definitely need 2 rest,once u notice it start to effect your set. I find i can jam for 4hrs straight if im in the middle of a mad session, its the ears as well as the eyes from lookin at LCD. Even gaming also recommends similar rest breaks( ive also been told headphones make you deaf ) :dead: lol. Good quality monitors as well as speaker setup wud'nt go a stray. Too much of anything has a consequence, up to the consumer i say = red bull & yayger, sip-iz-urp! :cans:
  8. hey ehsan,u da man, fanx for the quikfix! that was 0ne of the last remaining probs ive had, im now got acid pro working perfectly as my recording software, play back is off the hook.
  9. Thanks boys for the feed back, ehsan I hear wot u sayn, I'll try dat settin on ableton,if yrr sayn ch 11/12 r abletons master mainouts. Bro Meannnnn and oh, YEAHHYA!
  11. hey bassf i got a pair so far so good had them 4 over a year and dey still goin hrd
  12. sweet dude! got it going :cans: now in the middle of structuring a track. Mann im luvin the program ,still a learning process, alot easier than the solo/mute on the fly using my fantom with acid sound forge. Any way tried saving it, but it wont format to mp3, il jus have to soLjah on......
  13. Can someone explain if ive got to install another card specifically a motu external sound card port ? is it similar to my firewire port i installed because im using my motu ultralite interface with ableton live 7 and in abletons preferences option menu wer u choose a device it gives me 3 options which is my computer default asio, motu audio asio, motu pci asio. It allows me 2 use the first two device setups but not the motu pci asio one. Is that possibly one reason y im having problems with my setup ? (please check noobs disscussion- fantom x connection probs that ive posted previously
  14. SUP ALL! You can call me senior, i am 30 years old and possibly your first kiwi member. I currently reside in sydney aus, which has been my home for almost 10 years and counting. Now 2 keep it real text style ;D. Did my first djay gig wen i was 16, my first turntables was a wooden box frame ??? and a fibreglass platter that used 2 sit on springs, 1 on each corner of the box. It used 2 jump around alot wen i discovered the art of scratchism :bang: but latr found if i put a tape a cassette between each corner of the springs :cans: but wait theres more, :wtf: and a five cent piece on the cartridge 4 the wanabe hrdcore battle scratch ;D. it even had pitch control on it, my frienz nick named them BC's, cause honestly they wer history right der, and i loved them 2 death R.I.P :'( now i could tell u about some of my gigs but it wud either bore u or have your as rofl . Now im into beat making, doing a few projects no big hits or anything, but the love of the one culture that i guess, we all have in common..... peace and keep up the good work on your site........ i might try entering in one of your competitions too
  15. hey dude!first of all thnx for gettin involved! mann i got a track to lay down 4 a dude quick fast i normally do it the hard way which is i use acid pro sound forrge for recording and lay it out analog style but my copies botched thats wat happens wen u buy pirates. man if i could get ableton to jus record id be happy but wud defnite like to work with it in midi i kno it wud be a lot easier to structure it insted of on the fly il check that other post out bro cheers