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  1. Generally I find analogue has a warmer sound. It really depends on what you're going for. If you want a cleaner, more "correct" sound - digital is the way to go. But analogue is warmer and more "real" sounding, if that makes any sense..
  2. This is kinda like the topic in the VU Sound Tech forum. I still think that as long as its not acting as a CD player in a way (That is: not everything is pre-recorded and the 'musician' is just standing there) Its still an 'instrument' of sorts. As long as they are actually doing something to alter the sound or create sound.. its still live music..
  3. Yeah alot of this fiddling with plugins/filters/EQ. See what works best. Not that I'm really an expert, haha! Only ever recorded my own voice and I can't sing very well at all.
  4. Yeah, I can understand why .mp3 mixing is important, especially for less renowned bands, as people can download off iTunes for their iPods and whatnot. mp3 is alot less quality though and obviously the CD mixdown has alot more merit to it because a) it would have to be bought before uploaded for illegal download and also way better quality.
  5. Isn't their something dangerous about eggshell walls? I vaguely remember some warning about them in my VET Music Production course.. Not sure, maybe I'm going crazy. Sometimes I record vocals in my bathroom or kitchen though because i like the acoustics better than in my room.
  6. I don't know if musicians can actually hear better (one would think their hearing would be damaged from playing/listening to so much music haha, unless of course they were super careful with earplugs etc) But I think their brains probably decipher it better, skills from talent/learning. My ex boyfriend is a drummer and he could always get stuff that I didn't cause hes a better musician than me haha, He could teach himself drums/write out timing / whatever just from listening a few times.
  7. That's fairly awesome. I would love to see you play around with it. It makes me wanna go to the arcades. Well nothing else going on here. Doobydoo - wanders off...