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  1. Guitars: I have a samick 12-string acoustic (pretty rough, but not too bad a sound), a 'tempo' electric guitar (from like the 70's or something ... isnt really that good of a guitar, just bought if for a project), an ashton electric (has a great sound to it for a cheaper guitar, gets the job done), a yamaha nylon string acoustic (missing a peg, so its really only a 5-string at the moment), an old nylon string acoustic (not sure of the maker, but it was my grandfathers/great-grandfathers), and a washburn acoustic electric (I love the sound this guitar makes, and it wasnt too expensive). My dad has a Takamine electric/acoustic too, and it is a great sounding guitar! Keyboards: I have a Kawaii, and a Yamaha. Both are reliable keyboards, and get the job done. Amp: I have only got the ashton amp that can with my ashton electric, and for a small amp, it puts out a really good sound! Violins: Not sure who the maker of either of the violins are, but one was my great-grandmothers violin, and it is absolutely beautiful. Saxophone: Again, I do not know the maker of the saxophone, but apart from missing one of the pearl key inserts, it is in immaculate condition. Clarinet: I have just recently been given an Artley clarinet to do up as a project too. This clarinet was very badly water damaged, and the corks crumbled off at the softest of touches, but since then it has been re-corked, and is now in a very playable condition. Trumpet: My dad bought a Yamaha trumpet from cash converters for $50, and has fixed it up to being playable too. That's about it for instruments that I have (and a little about what my dad has got too) but there are also the instruments that my sisters have that I didn't mention here!
  2. i know its been a while since the last post on here, but nowadays you can get the iPhone/iPod touch applications and they are awesome, however this website is still VERY helpful in tuning guitars, especially if you just couldnt think of the way a kaki king guitar was strung ;P
  3. For my 21st, I am getting a new laptop, and I was wondering whether soundpunkers recommend me getting a mac or PC? I am studying a Bachelor of Education at uni, and I plan on becoming a music teacher, and I know that macs are ideal for music oriented professions, but I was wondering what windows 7 was like in way of music/sound-editing software? Can you get Protools onto windows 7, I know you can get it on earlier OS's, but haven't seen it for windows 7 as of yet?
  4. I agree, the soundtrack to 'I am sam' is definately a compilation of very moving songs. I have a few songs that almost bring me to tears whenever I hear them too. They are: Angel - Sarah McLachlan Alyssa Lies - Jason Michael Carroll Without You - Rent Soundtrack I'll cover you (Reprise) - Rent Soundtrack Tracks of my tears - Smokey Robinson If I can't have you - Adam Lambert (live on American Idol) There are quite a few more, but those ones are some of the saddest in my opinion