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  1. UPDATE: I've made a few more new tracks and they are getting better in sound quality though could still use some more feedback, and also add what has been giving me the improvement... -if you want to hear my three newest ones On the master track I've been adding some bus tracks... mainly an exciter to help clarify the highs... this really helped bring my song forward so it sounds more up in your face and not so muffled... My issue mainly is that my mids are muddy, lows are too loud, and highs are not clear enough... I used an exciter I built with ableton's effect rack, with an 8band EQ, a saturator, and a sidechained compressor. The EQ cuts everything below 1-2kHz, saturator add some harmonics and richness, and the compressor keeps the cracking highs under control... this is used as a bus track and played at 8-10dB lower volume than the unprocessed signal. The hi's and mid-hi frequencies sound much better and my music sounds more "present" but is still lacking warmth... Mainly I have an issue with my mids, not on all speakers just on some... (usually ones with small heads and a sub).... my guess is that my mids are just not beefy enough and therefor my music only sounds good on tiny speakers or fatty speakers.... anything in between seems to have a dominant frequency response in the area that my song is missing : ( If anybody has any ideas on beefing up my mid range so it still has some low end without a 12"+ speaker cone, please give some of my tracks a listen and let me know what I could improve... I've come a LONG way from when I started production... but I feel I still have a very long road ahead of me when it comes to mixdowns
  2. I came up with a new track... it's been a while since I've posted here... but this is how far my sound improvement have come in that time... I'm still frustrated and wish I had better sound quality but I feel as though I've come a long way... Now it's mainly just a matter of compression and being more careful with my levels... If anybody has any more mixing feedback for me I would be very grateful, here's my most recent track... I really could use an engineers advice here
  3. I'm trying to do the same thing, but because the field is so hard to get into and most people don't end up very successful in it, I'm getting myself a second degree in electrical engineering to make myself stand out amongst all the other audio-related engineers (this is also because i dont want JUST to be doing recording and mastering) I do know that Pyramind in San Francisco is a very good school, went to a workshop there in SF. Also there is Full Sail, which I believe is in the Bay Area, but also a little pricey Your best bet is to meet other people who do audio engineering and/or production (I know a hell of a lot of electronic music producers in SF).... It shouldn't be too hard to find people, I met a couple other producers and sound designers just from going into guitar center and playing around with stuff, usually somebody will come talk to me about dubstep or something because I'm making a bass wobble on their microkorg. Also sometimes I go to local concerts and i've talk to the sound guys (they usually seem happy that at least one person in the building appreciates the hard work they do) and ask them about who they learned from or who I need to talk to if I wanted to get a job at a little underground concert place to gain some experience most of all, after talking to lots of engineers and producers, what they all kept telling me...was "build a network," or basically just knowing lots of people
  4. some guy the other day in a parking lot ran up to me and asked if i wanted to buy some speakers, said i was low on money but he told me to look anyway.... he worked for a home theatre installation company and had ordered 3 of these 2300 dollar 5.1 surround sound systems... showed me all the legitimacy and everything... asked for $500 for them... told him i was broke and he said he only had a couple minutes to sell them before he had to give them all to his boss.... kept going lower and lower, even down to 100 bux.... i didnt have it at the time... i missed out on BRAND NEW, still in the box and never opened $2300 surround sound system w/ a 900W subwoofer..... why do this to me GOD????
  5. i take breaks every hour if i can... ill go sit in a different room that is very quiet for a few mins as a roll a joint... then ill go outside and smoke it while i listen to the outdoor noises carefully, this helps get my ears back to "normal" i'd like to say... it gives me perspective of real noises and how they are different than what is coming out of my monitors... after about 20 mins my ears feel good as new (unless i've been doing this all day, then i usually have to start taking longer breaks) i get MUCH more ear fatigue with headphones than i do w/ monitors, but neither are ultra nice or anything... ive just got some Shure SRH's and some Mackie MR8's... didn't know about ears being less fatigued from better monitors
  6. ya and it kicks ass! i use it for live as a drum pad, mixer, effects controller, and clip launcher... very sturdy and compact... w/ my laptop and my launchpad i can essentially do a whole set with just that and not need anything else (though I do use a midi keyboard to control artillery)
  7. i used a midi clip to make a mario remix... didn't want to learn the whole damn song on piano, because producing is teaching me piano... not the other way around
  8. eminem, as much as i could hate on him, i have a lot of respect for him... his lyrics are genius, he helped put intelligence into rap, along with comedy ("i get a clean shave, bathe, go to a rave, die from an overdose and dig myself up outta my grave.") i understand having good lyrics, but at the same time i agree with totoro here, that it isn't poetry... i think it is very important to have groovy drums and awesome funky bass, but yet it kinda turns me off of the music when the lyrics are terrible... it's why I like Tool/A Perfect Circle/Puscifer... they have both
  9. the two bass synths with a sine wave is one I use a lot... but it's usually a sine/square ran through a hi-res low-freq LP filter to get a resonant sub bass... w/ an LFO on the amp (womp womp womp) another good sin wave laying trick is layering your kicks with a somewhat low volume sine at about 150hz (it isn't EXACTLY 150 because it depends on the kick)... I had a kick that had a bottom end at about 77Hz... so putting a 150hz sine sounded a little muddy and phasey, so i pushed it up to 154-155hz and it worked better... works good on house kicks to help add some mids to push it through the mix without sounding snappy... even putting a little bit of release on it w/ some LP white noise can make it sound like the sort of mid-low ringing sound that a real bass drum has after you hit it (but that wouldn't be for house lol) it has to be about half the volume of the kick drum otherwise it sounds weird (also if you don't design your own drums then you might not even hear it, but it helps on a bigger system)
  10. ah yes, the "sparkle".... THAT's what I need hahaha... I took a MIDI course at a community college but felt like i knew more than the teacher almost (except about control voltage)... when I asked him about getting better sound quality, he had no idea at all. I actually got some better monitors recently (mackie mr8's) and I am noticing that my songs were messed up!!! I can finally hear what's going on fully... still need the sparkle though I'll have to check that course out because I am at the point of needing to find someone who has that sparkle and have them teach me because I don't see myself figuring it out on my own very quickly thanks for the help guys, I'm going to post some of my more recent stuff that was made on my real studio monitors to see how that stands up against my old material... but again, I appreciate the input everyone!
  11. it's main focus was wickedness and crazy sounds instead of make you wanna dance stuff.... more towards listening music i guess it's dubstep, but it's a little dirtier and slower than normal... a bit industrial/glitch too... do people dance to dubstep??? oh heelllll yea!!! they get DOWN.... do ppl dance to MY dubstep? that is questionable (with my love of IDM and glitch, you either have to be frying or into metal to really understand the rhythm).... to check out some true dubstep... check out these artists: Caspa, Rusko, The Widdler, Excision, and Reso (there's a lot more but that's a few main ones) and dubstep fusion stuff: Bassnectar, Vibesquad, Tipper
  12. oh thanks man! appreciate the listen! you got a link to some of your stuff?
  13. A good one I found was parallel compression.... a mastering engineer told me about it when i mentioned to him I wanted to bring my sounds "forward," they sounded far away and/or muffled compressor on a send track: thresh. -50ish... ratio. between 2-3 (i use higher in some cases)... attack/release. medium-ish depending on dynamics of song... knee and other controls at your own discretion
  14. when is this new site being set up??? and what's the url if it's already set up???
  15. sorry i didn't reply earlier... i copied ur post to a word doc because my internet has been out for a while.... I have been using a lot of this feedback throughout my production.... thanks for all of the feedback and listening to so many of my songs... i have trouble getting my girlfriend to listen to that many of em... I'm beginning to get to where I want to go with my sound (definately not there yet, still got a long way to go) after learning more about sidechaining, parallel compression, and saturators... but my samples are showing signs of improvement, so my mixing is also showing signs of improvement... your input on "dont pick the mangleberries" was extremely helpful... i duplicated the fuzzy drum sound track (detuned and overdriven drum loop) and kept one mainly dry with some light eq, and the second track i threw some heavy saturation and parallel compression... eq'ing the lows on my parallel comp. send track... seemed to pull out the low end a little bit, but im beginning to think I might need to redo the whole sample becuase is realllly lacking low end... my guess is that I'm trying to boost something that isn't there... I've though about layering the parts that are supposed to be a little bassier with a low freq. sine, but I can't seem to get the frequencies to match ill repost the finished version once I get what I want out of it when you say "tube destruction" on Lanoo... I have a dynamic tube device in Ableton that I'm somewhat starting to figure out how to use... in terms of tube settings, what settings would be considered "destruction"? ... on Jibber, i used some parallel compression (really low treshold comp. on a send track) which helped bring the drums out... but part of the reason I think there is problems with the drums in that song is that one of the kick drums is a 40hz 808 style kick (made it myself so it's not really an 808, but sounds a little like it)... i think 40hz might be a little too low unless I'm playing my tracks on a Funktion One system lol... so i might remake it as a 60hz kick (but then it will conflict with the sub... so ima have to figure something out) My goal is to get good enough at mixing and sound design that I can design my sounds to be very easy to mix... ppl have told me a good sample can sound terrible in the wrong place, and vice versa thanks for the help man... i'll try to help keep this site alive, seems that the forum is a little slow... my midi teacher says he learned a lot on these threads