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  1. Started playing around with samples. Currently this is what is what I am working on: [mp3=400,30,0,center]http://www.soundpunk.com/downloads/public/tunes_and_tracks/Short Sound Clip.mp3[/mp3]
  2. My vote is on track #2 "Through To Me". Faster and has some very interesting sounds in it.
  3. The 23rd or the 14/15 (Not sure since most of you guys are AU)?
  4. Are there any rules that we need to follow? I've never done anything like this before so I'm not quite sure what is allowed and what is not.
  5. This is certainly an interesting controller. I like the direction Ableton and partner companies are taking when designing new controllers. As an Ableton user myself this is quite exciting to see, makes my life so much easier. I really like the button matrices, it is a lot more fun to play around with. You can tell that Novation borrowed from that controller (blanking on the name of it but its the one with a ton of buttons), shame those guys haven't made a bit of cash from that. As for the APC40 vs Launchpad discussion, from the perspective of someone who has been using APC40 for quite a few months now I will say that I doubt I will be picking up a Launchpad in the near future. APC40 can do pretty much everything this controller can do but without having to flip through "screens" to find them. Faders and knobs are right in front of you (I honestly prefer the knobs over buttons to control filters) and you can remap them to whatever you like. I feel like there is a lot more you can do with an APC40 than the Launchpad.
  6. I have to say there are some amazing parts of this song (some of which I kind of wish you kept going with). But there are other parts that I felt where either not needed or could be changed. First, the vocals at the beginning didn't sit that well with the rest of the song. I was hoping for a more modulated voice to kind of fit in with the heavily electro sound of the song. Secondly, the high pitched synth that gets introduced at around the 1:24 mark is just not good. It sounds off, I guess it could be used but it doesn't need to be in the song. After its gone the song is amazing. The vocals, synth, everything just sound so great. That brings me to my final problem. You build the song up and up around the 2:25 mark and it sounds incredible. 2:55 till 3:10 is amazing (I was literally dancing in my seat) but it just stops abruptly. It left me kind of wishing it kept going so I keep jamming out to it. Its a great song, yeah the lyrics are corny (most lyrics are for the most part) but they really do add a lot to the song. Great stuff dude.
  7. Thanks, does mean a lot to know someone enjoyed this song. This was one of the few songs that came kind of easy to me, even though it is so different and much slower than what I'm used to. I'm still messing around with the viola solo, its the only part of the song that I'm not a huge fan of. The piano is the only non Ableton instrument. Its NI's Akoustik Piano (grand piano) which surprised me how good it sounded. Got it when I bought Komplete and never tried it until this weekend.
  8. I'm not too sure about this track. Something very different than what I am used to. Was kind of in a downer mood this weekend and started messing around with some of the ableton sounds I never use. Not exactly sure about how the viola solo sounds, so the song is still very much a work in progress. http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fsoundcloud.com%2Frand0m%2Fstrings-12
  9. I love the sounds in this song especially the brass instrument, it sounds incredible. Was wondering, do you let people remix your music? Because I'd love to attempt a remix of this song.
  10. Fantastic :clap: This is by far my favorite song of yours. My only slight gripe is that the main synth is a little too loud on those high pitch notes. Otherwise that was an amazing ambient piece of work.
  11. It is simply amazing. So easy to use and has made it a blast just throwing clips together. I haven't changed much of the settings (mappings and what not). Maybe once I know what I'm doing I'll give it a shot. Max for Live sounds like it is going to increase the controlling possibilities so that might be a worthy investment. Keep in mind that I've never used a controller before the APC40 but it feels very nooby friendly and just a fun tool to have. When bored I just set it up as a massive drum pad, a lot of fun.
  12. You guys put me to shame. This is what I got, only some hardware. A lot of my budget went to software which I'm still trying to understand. In the future I expect my collection will grow. Hardware: M-Audio Key Rig49 Akai APC40 Computer is custom built. Forgot what it all has in it at this point (always upgrading). Samsung 20in Monitor and a Envision flatscreen TV (use it as a second monitor)
  13. I really enjoyed the beat, it sounds great and goes well with the song. I also really like that part at around 210 and 280, sounded like the beat was really starting to pick up (kind of wish you kept building it). The different glitches and beeps sounded very good and worked well with this kind of ambient sound. There were however parts that I did not particularly like. Sometimes there would be too much noise (around the 100 mark) and I wasn't too much of a fan of the delay? reverb? of the kick, thought that was a bit too much. I also think the song might be a bit too long in the beginning, I was starting to lose interest until the 210 mark in which the song started to pick up a bit.
  14. I'm not exactly sure what that all means (I'm a bit new). Correct me if I'm getting this wrong but you are suggesting I should bring the second half an octave down in line with the first bit. But I'm not sure what you mean by lofi or what you would do with the drum beat.