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  1. Lo Spiff, I'm new to the whole mixing / mastering malarkey myself so I know that the learning curve is pretty steep. I quite like this song and I think the mix is pretty good. I really like the sound of the snare. I think the kick drum could do with dome beefing up though. I don't know if it's just too far back in the mix or if it needs another going over with the EQ, but at the moment it's hiding behind everything else and is pretty weak. I found some PDF tutorials on this site and there is a good one on EQing in it. It explains what different frequency bands do for each instrument and I found it really helpful (Using EQ.pdf is its name). The pack is linked at the bottom of the first post in this thread. I've also been checking out the tutorials on Home Studio Corner which are brilliant as well. There are a couple of videos on there on the basics of EQing and compression which I've found really useful.
  2. Hey folks, I've only recently started mixing / engineering and thought I'd post the main sites I've been using to learn for the rest of you. Seems only fair seeing that the PDF tutorial pack was the first thing I found online to have a look through http://www.homestudiocorner.com/ - this guy has some brilliant videos covering the basics of eq, compressing and others http://productionadvice.co.uk/
  3. I play the bass and also the main singer, or the only singer in this recording. I'm not sure what the stems are (the individual tracks maybe?), but if you tell me what they are then posting them could be a good idea.
  4. Thanks for the comments guys. ehsan - Its my band Jester - Could be a good idea about the distortion and more EQing for the vocals. I'll give that a try over the next few days. I've got another couple of songs which are nearly ready. I'll be posting them pretty soon.
  5. Title: Anyday Saviour Artist: Crazy8Golfers Description: Punky rock which I've mixed myself ( my first attempt at mixing, although its taken months to get to this stage), so any suggestions or advice on the mix would be much appreciated. Stream / Download [mp3=200,20,0,center]http://www.crazy8golfers.co.uk/AnydaySaviour3-0.mp3[/mp3]
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome guys. Rosyth is just under 70 miles...Not the end of the earth, but I wouldn't wanna walk it! Was one of those connections a criminal type then? It's kinda funny though, people in other countries with Scots ancestry tend to know a bit more about their history than folks over here. I believe my family used to be part of (more likely ruled by ) the Gunn clan, but I've never looked into it too much. I've download the PDF pack from http://www.soundpunk.com/index.php?topic=259.0 so I'll be having a look through that. I'm glad you folks have said to post my mixes. I'll get that done over the next couple of days cuz any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'll make sure I put them in the right forum too
  7. Lo all!, My name's Brian and I live in Ayrshire in Scotland (It must be Scotland cuz it's raining outside) I'm a newbie to pruduction / engineering. I'm getting into it cuz my band recorded a few songs a few months ago and now I'm having a go at mixing the recordings using Sonar. My favourite bit of gear is my black flying-V bass guitar. In real life I'm a web developer and spend nearly as much time as Cheyne with my head stuck in a computer or up against a monitor.