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  1. My tempo is good. Like everything is hooked up so even if I am not recordin but have everthing plugged in I can talk in the mic and hear it in my speakers at the same time and thats how I am hearin the echo and crazy soundin voice ha. Ummm stupid question, how do I get into the control panel for my sound card??
  2. Yea I have been messing around with the buffer and the echo is doing better but still have the chipmunk sound ha. Ummmm as for soundcard not too sure I have an hp special edition and it has Realtek HD Audio Operating System. I am wondering if the built in mic on my computer is interfering with my mic that is plugged into my pre-amp?
  3. You mean not pluggin the mic into the pre-amp but just plug it directly into my computer? I have tried mutting my speakers and that didnt do anything. I have recorded on fl before in windows xp and never had this problem but my new computer has vista and I am not sure if there is some setting that needs changed. Its weird because in sound recorder in windows there isnt this problem but it is doin it in fl. I even tried downloading a new version of ASIO driver and that didnt help
  4. I dont know much about fl but what I am tryin to do is record my acoustic guitar and sing in it. I am not using the edison thing I am chooing "into playlist as an audio file" And I am workin at gettin my mic set up and when I talk into the mic I can hear it threw my speakers and it echoes real bad and all the sounds are real high like a chipmunk voice or something. I tried messin around with the bit rate but that didnt do anything. I hope I explained it well enough I am pretty new to the program ha
  5. I have a mic plugged in a pre-amp and it runs into my computer. I am having a problem tho because my voice sounds like a chipmunk in fl. When I record in just the sound recorder in windows it doesnt do it but in fl it sounds like a chipmunk. Any ideas that could solve this for me?? Thanks in advanced
  6. I have a preamp plugged into my comouter wit a mic in it. For some reason when I talk into the mic my vioce sounds like a chipmunk and real echoey. Any help on what I can do do get rid of the chipmunk sounding vioce? Thanks