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  1. i now have ableton 7 and have managed to get a few samples set up to be triggered off when i hit the allocated keys.....have also just bought a Kork kaossilator for a bit of added OOmph! - i'm confident that i'll be able to gig v soon..i have a gigging history and have been getting enough radio play in the UK to warrant this being a modest target to reach...watch this space ... xx
  2. i'm giving myself 6 months to get two live shows sorted - then i'll concentrate on doing it properly if i dont get slaughtered in the process.....
  3. Thanks for your comments. I'll have to admit that I'm just after a quick way learning all of this and having sat down and actually read the manual whilst going through the tutorials it seems to me that you're all correct. My Oxygen came with Ableton 6 live but it appears to just be a demo which sucks because it looks like i'll have to get the full version somehow (unless i just need to download it from somewhere and i havn;t reached that bit of the manual yet!). I'm sure you won't have heard that last of me yet tho because as i have stated already...i'm a lazy sod who would rather spend time writing new tunes than learning how to perform them. I'll keep you posted on my progress and if you're nice i'll add links eventually so you can hear what i'm doing. I'll also try to find time to get interested in what people on this board are up to also. thanks again - see you soon - s yes x
  4. This is why I’m here….. I’ve been making music for years now using cool edit pro for editing samples and acid pro for writing. I’m doing ok at the moment and look to be releasing stuff and getting it distributed next year in the UK. Before next June 2009 I need to be able to present my project live which I should be able to do – have addition members etc BUT…. ……what I need/want to do is get my own act together regarding what I play. (stay with me please..) I have obtained an Oxygen 49 Midi controller (which comes with Ableton 6). I want to be able to assign loops to individual keys so when I hit a key on the oxygen it starts a loop and when I hit another key, it also adds to the sound and so on and so on….i think you get the idea. First question; can this be done using Acid? – I really like This software and ideally if I can get this done using acid I’ll be happy and closer to reaching my goal. If I’m going to have to use ableton I think it’ll take me longer to sort out. I have a laptop. I have acid pro/cool edit and the oxygen 49 attached…now I need to make a noise come out of it all….any help appreciated Be gentle. xx