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  1. Tnk you very much. Im going to check everything you guys gave me. And ill be sure to give feedback and keep on coming. Tnx, again!
  2. Sorry. been sick for the past few days. Got anything for me?
  3. And wel, Chiptunes is just a "genre." What im asking basicaly is for an FL8 tutorial.
  4. Tnx. Well, I like videogames, so thats about it. I want to make old videogames tunes, just for the heck of it. My other main non-studio music its actually new school 90's punk (NOFX, Lagwagon, Pennywise)
  5. Ok, here it goes: I wantd to record some music and after months experimenting on my mac, I decided that the only electronic based music I wanto to make, I can make it on FL8. (For soft synths midi, I use GB) So, basically, wat I anto to do is chiptunes, 8 bit music... but... here comes... I DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT Fruity Loops. I downloaded some plugins from Tweakbench. They are really nice, but my questions would be: 1) What other free pluins do you recomend for chiptunes music, compatible with FL8? 2) Where can I find a really nice Lo fi drums vst, other than the included in FL? I would like some lo fi drums, and heck, maybe a hi fi one) 3) FINALLY, and most important: I have been playing around with FL8 but i dont KNOW ANYTHING ON HOW TO USE IT. Can anyone give me a vieo tutorial, or whatever tutorial, that start explaiing thigs to me slowly? I have lots of ideas, cool vsts, but dont know how to use FL8. The easier step by step the better. Something that explains the most basic things to get me going, but something to make complete, fulfilling tracks with nice tempos and all that. 4) On a final note: Im using a Mac with a VMware, meaning that my idi keyboard is not that compatible with it, too much latency to make it unusuable. So the tutorial must show me how to make chords and keys without using midi. I wuld really apprciate it. Il be searching the site for answers Tnx!